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Ukraine. The inquest on what went wrong is already being written

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THE DEATH OF THE WEST: The US President’s State of the Union address might better be renamed The State of the Ukrainian Union. After all, the outcome of the current conflict is key to the Western Alliance’s status in the rapidly emerging multi-polar world led by the Russian-dominant BRICS group of nations.

The only question is how the outcome of the impending seismic shift in the North American plate can be tweaked in Washington’s favor. Sure, change can be delayed but it can no longer be avoided. Of pressing importance is what will be the outcome of the conflict on the postwar status of the United States and the Western Alliance.

Well-paid pundits guess at the progress and fill the pages and airwaves with their deliberations. It might be better to dwell on that age-old paradox: What happens when an immovable object meets an irresistible force?

The United States government, Western banking cartels and the vast cross-border corporations today find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place.

Certainly, it is easier to predict the timing and the direction of the conflict than to foresee the consequences of the inevitable defeat of the Western Alliance. Doing so avoids the cross-of-thorns topic of envisaging a world in which Washington, the west’s banking houses and hydra-headed corporations backed by the once almighty dollar no longer shape world policy. My contention is that the conflict in Ukraine has already ended in favor of the Russian-Chinese axis. The boots on the ground are now toes-up.

Despite the NATO commitment, there is absolutely no likelihood of the Kyiv regime reclaiming their lost territories. Donbas and Crimea are Russian. Live with it or die with it but dying is no way to make a living.

Firstly, Biden’s not-so-democratic America has to go into intensive care and recover economically before it can make a living in a world far removed from the pre-Trump era. The simplest way is to become less confrontational and remember that jaw-jaw pays better dividends than war-war.

Reality check: Ukraine’s Eastern Front has collapsed. The military situation falls just short of an absolute rout. Will the existing Bore War on a par with the attrition endured during World War One’s Western Front stalemate continue for much longer? The current conflict’s dilemma is that it repeats what British Field-Marshall Lord Allenby described as ‘a lengthy period of general insanity.’

Clearly, history does repeat itself. However, in the equally futile NATO-backed conflict the slow destruction rate is a one-sided bloodletting and Ukraine is most generous in its blood transfusions.

Ironically, it is Russia that economically and militarily benefits from the stalemate. Yet it is the Kremlin that desires an end to the current situation. Why? Because they know the Western Alliance is on the ropes and the war for the Western Alliance is unwinnable. As it suffers no collateral damage time is on Russia’s side.

Except in an allegorical sense, there won’t be a Russian victory march in Washington. However, all will be as if there had been such a humiliating end to the further humbling of the NATO Alliance.

The reality is that there is a snowballing awareness pervading the Western Alliance that further support for the Ukrainian side is politically, militarily and economically unsustainable.

Unlike Russia’s economic bounce-back, the economies of the Western Alliance are indisputably a train wreck. Throughout Western Europe and the United Kingdom, massive nationwide strikes and growing dissent scupper the remotest chances of recovery.

In the European Union, there is hardly a politician who would dare to venture into the public arena and press the flesh for fear of a public lynching. The 30 countries comprising the NATO alliance now blunder through an economic and social swamp of their own making.

Perhaps they should have listened more carefully to the words of former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev: “Support by United States rulers is rather in the nature of the support that the rope gives to a hanged man.”

The arsenals of the NATO Alliance are now so depleted that they are incapable of defending themselves or their territories.  If, for instance, Argentina, now distancing itself from Washington hegemony should reclaim Britain’s oil-rich Maldives (Falkland) Islands Westminster could do no more than helplessly look on.

Other parts of the British Dominions will be taking note as will the Latin American nations in America’s once backyard. There is an accelerating shift towards the New World Order in which Washington will be Side B of the record.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov completes his goodwill tour of post-colonial African nations. Invitations to pay return visits to Moscow are in his wake. Is it also a wake for Wall Street and Washington’s asset-draining banking houses and corporations?

A recent applicant to the BRICS international trading cartel is Algeria. The North African nation is economically viable, fabulously rich in natural resources, of independent mind and spirit – and three times the size of Spain, Europe’s largest country. Algeria has learnt from history, Libya in particular.

Washington and the Western World are fast waking up to a world in which they are dependent on the goodwill and resources of former enemies and colonies. This is what should be concentrating minds, not the timing of the end of the conflict in Ukraine. The inquest on that misconceived adventure is already being penned. 

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