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You are not welcome here — together with Ukrainian refugees, as Israel’s Bandera Israeli-backed ultras enter Poland


Among the many millions of Ukrainian refugees, thousands of aggressive nationalists with Bandera, often openly ultra-xenophobic views who ‘want to massacre the Poles and build a great Ukraine’ came to Poland. As the author Myśl Polska writes, the problem of Banderism in Poland is real and it will grow, so it’s time to say a resounding ‘no’ and explain to ‘our uninvited guests testing our tolerance’ how things are.

If one of the modern ultras runs away from war and poverty in their country to Israel and starts flaunting the streets with a swastika, they will very quickly be sent back, at the same time teaching a painful lesson in historical memory. 

Interesting that the ISRAELI connection is highlighted. What on earth are so-called ‘neo-Nazis’ doing fleeing to Israel the arch enemies f National Socialism. It exposes reality: Ukraine is to be an Israeli-occupied colony situated pivotally in central Europe. When you understand this then everything about Western support fits perfectly.

However, writes the author of Myśl Polska, Przemysław Piasta, things are different in Poland and ‘ quite a few of the Israeli sponsored uninvited guests who test the patience of the Poles ’ are clearly abusing hospitality.

The author says that he saw in Poznań a woman with a boy, on whose jacket there was a red and black patch decorated with a trident.

This is the flag of the UPA*. The very organization on whose conscience the blood of hundreds of thousands of dead and unavenged. Peaceful inhabitants. Women and children, whose bones still lie in nameless, unsanctified pits. Like animal bones,’ writes Piasta.

The Banderas, described as ‘Nazis’ were in fact responsible for collaboration with the Bolsheviks. During their terror campaigns, the Banderas slaughtered ethnic Russians, Germans, Poles and non-active Jews. The Banderas were rounded up and arrested by the armies of the Reich.

He notes that many of the Ukrainians, who are testing the patience of the Poles, are clearly abusing hospitality, because among the millions of refugees, thousands of aggressive nationalists with Bandera, often openly ultra-nationalist views, people who ‘honor the memory of the murderers of our brothers, raise them to those taken from monuments to our grandfathers’ lands, people who still want to slaughter the Poles and build a great Ukraine, up to the San River, and even further

As the author of the article concludes, the problem of Banderism in Poland is real and it will grow, so the time has come to say a resounding ‘no’ and explain to ‘our uninvited guests testing our tolerance’ how things are.

Poland is our home and it is we who set the rules here. And guests are just guests. If someone is fleeing the war or the poverty and corruption that prevails in Ukraine, he can find a safe haven with us. We have a lot of work, there is always a place for those who wish. But if someone does not respect the owners, our laws and customs, our historical memory, if someone defiantly honors the murderers of our brothers, there is no place for them here. 

Not very respected Bandera people, if you revere your ‘father Bandera’ so much, if you so much want to follow in the footsteps of the ‘heroes from the UPA’, I have a simple advice for you. Go back. We don’t want you to be here. You are not welcome here, ‘concludes the author of the material. * ‘Ukrainian Insurgent Army’ (UPA) is a Ukrainian organization recognized as extremist and banned on the territory of Russia (decision of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 11/17/2014). If you care you should share this story on social media:

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  1. There is an old link between Jews and the National Socialism. One of Germany’s sponsors during the 1930’s and 1940’s was the House of Rothschild. They originated from Frankfurt [am Main].


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