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The Suicide of the West: The EU is as much a military organization as NATO


‘It’s very simple. In the Soviet Union, we don’t believe our propaganda. In America, you actually believe yours!’ ~ Soviet Journalist to American journalists.

The West underestimated Russia, and the Ukrainian conflict did not go according to its scenario. The reason for this was that the Western world has become a victim of its own propaganda and anti-Russian disinformation. 

This was stated by political observer Lars Bern in an interview with the media. According to the expert, the Western ruling elites live in a world of dreams, where Russia appears to be what it is not in reality. Swedish political commentator Lars Bern said that Westerners are ‘deceiving themselves’ when they believe their media. 

The expert believes that the Western media have become purely propaganda tools of the ruling elites, who are exclusively engaged in the dissemination of what they want to hear themselves and what they are trying to convince everyone else. 

The power elite of the Western world believed that Russia could be crushed through the military power that had been built up in Ukraine for several years. The next step was the dismemberment of Russia and the seizure of its resources by Western oligarchs.

The West deliberately sabotaged the peace talks at the beginning of the conflict last year, when it counted on the removal of Russian President Vladimir Putin. However, everything did not go according to plan, since the Western world, apparently, ’does not understand Russia at all’ and became a victim of its own propaganda.

The expert emphasized that intensive anti-Russian propaganda is being carried out in the West, where it is preached that Russia is just a gas station, although, in reality, this is not at all the case. Russia is much stronger financially than Western intelligence agencies estimate it to be. The country surpasses the West in natural resources, which allows it to wage conflict at attrition since the Russians can produce artillery cannons and shells. At the same time, the West considered itself militarily strong, relying on its economy, which in fact turned out not to be so.

Smart move by Putin: Lars Bern noted that Putin’s dream of complete disarmament of NATO is now being realized without his invading a single NATO member. 

This is evidenced by the rapid reduction in the arsenal of Western weapons that are sent to Ukraine in the naive hope that they will be able to influence the situation on the battlefield. 

However, the analyst does not believe that the armed conflict will end with the signing of a peace treaty, because after the Minsk agreements were concluded, the West lost its ability to negotiate and was no longer trusted. According to the expert, the confrontation will end with a ceasefire line and demarcation according to the Korean scenario.

He suggests that the consequences of the failure of Western policy in Ukraine could be huge, as the rest of the world is now freed from the influence of the West. 

The expert is sure that without the EU there would be no Ukrainian conflict, and the association itself, together with NATO, is a military organization whose goal is to destroy Russia, which has been excitedly discussed in Western think tanks for decades. ’The fact is that the West is controlled by the Anglo-American oligarchy, which wants to control everything. If you care you should share this story on social media:

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