Great Europeans



1) Michael Walsh was born during the Liverpool Blitz in which thousands died and half of the city’s domestic properties were destroyed, Michael’s childhood was marred by extreme deprivation. In ration book England, he and his childhood friends collected and sold bottles, clothes and horse manure. Coke (coal) filled handcarts were used to purchase domestic fuel.

His war hero father, Patrick fought in three conflicts by the time he reached 40 years of age. Of these struggles, three were hand-to-hand battles. His parents’ associates included the revered Irish playwright Sean O’Casey, war correspondent Ernest Hemingway and Dolores Ibárruri of Spain.

When the family with their stepfather moved to an isolated part of Wales the family of seven ate what they grew or caught in the wild whilst the only cooking and heating were from rough-hewn wood.

Michael 9 years of age top right

2) A British Merchant Navy seaman from 16 to 23 years of age Michael roughed it and visited and worked in over 60 countries worldwide. Obviously, he worked and socialised harmoniously with every religion and ethnicity imaginable. A tough life, and he nearly lost his life on several occasions. He was the last deck boy to serve the White Star Line (1845-1960).

Michael at the forecastle bell of the last of the White Star liners, RMS (MV) Britannic

3) In 1974, after a period employed in the dairy and transport industries, Michael took over Colin’s Jordan’s British Movement. He remains the Party’s commander. The Movement became the most successful National Socialist Party since 1945.

A rare photograph of Michael addressing crowds at East London’s Brick Lane. This was the very spot from which Oswald Mosley, leader of the British Union of Fascists addressed mass audiences.

His non-criminal political activity earned him several prison sentences and many fines in both Britain and Spain. This included 6 x 4-month prison sentences for publishing literature that accurately prophesied Britain’s future if immigration was allowed to continue. He served a period of his sentence in Liverpool’s notorious HM Walton Prison, reputed to be the toughest gaol in Europe.

4) On the party’s standing down in 1983, Michael owned an outdoor equipment and gun shop in Wales, the largest of its kind in Britain. He was a keen shooter. He also owned Classic Printing Services whilst Secretary of the Small Traders Association.

Michael was the owner of Rucksack and Rifle, Britain’s biggest gun, knife and outdoor retail store of its kind.

5) In 1987 Michael was head-hunted by quality assurance bodies, the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the Federation of Master Builders. Over the next 20 years, he became the Guild’s most successful recruitment executive and its second longest-serving assessment executive.

6) On retirement in 2007 Michael moved to Spain. An Irish national and passport holder, he lived for periods in Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Latvia in the Baltic States.

7) A prolific writer and political commentator Michael provided news and general interest stories to a score of international media. He is a member of the editorial board of the prestigious Barnes Review and a European Correspondent of The American Free Press. In 2011 he was uniquely awarded Writer of the Year by the prestigious Euro Weekly News Group.

Michael receives the unique Writer of the Year award from the Managing Director and Sales Manager of the Euro Weekly News Group.

8) Michael is Britain and Europe’s most prolific poet having composed and published over 1,500 poems, odes and soliloquies. There are 10 poetry collections published. Tributes to his penmanship have poured in the playwrights, church leaders and politicians, heads of business, media editors, and of course a wider readership.

9) Michael claims to be Britain and Europe’s most prolific multi-topic author with over 70 titles so far published. These include 3 biographies. All have been banned by Amazon and LULU. He is also arguably Britain and Europe’s most censored author and poet.

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