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Now is the winter of our discontent

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FIRST PUBLISHED IN AMERICAN FREE PRESS: Public tolerance of migrant invasions devastating Western Europe is being quickly replaced by unbridled public anger. The scale and horrific consequences of Third World immigration are now striking at the hearts of even the smallest communities across Europe.

For possibly the first time in history the ordinary Irish have something in common with their English counterparts. Remembered are the words of William Shakespeare: “Now is the winter of our discontent.”

And well it may be. It is predicted that the native British, certainly those of English stock will be a minority in their own country by the time today’s newly born reach their 35th birthday. I consider the downfall of Western man will come much quicker. Indeed, population replacement has already taken place in the great cities of England.

The magnitude of the coloured invasion of many western nations of Europe is unparalleled. President Kais Saied of Tunisia, a North African Arab country, has introduced a raft of ‘urgent measures’ in an effort to crack down on Sub-Saharan Africans entering this transit country.

Lured to Europe by bountiful benefits in what is sold as The Promised Land the migrant swarm has now reached a scale that people from the smallest Irish villages to archetypal German communities are fearful of leaving their homes for fear of being attacked by the untouchables.

Is this alarmist?  Ask the Germans: Non-Germans account for a staggering 48.1% of serious rape cases in North Rhine-Westphalia. The official figures cite an increase in migrant crime by 13.7 per cent compared to last year. In the case of serious crimes like murder, non-Germans were vastly overrepresented. Fight or flight: 2 million Germans have packed their bags and fled the Federal Republic of Germany.

Why would this calamity not be repeated throughout Western Europe given the corruption, complicity, institutionalised indolence and timidity of the authorities? Add to this the wilful blindness of the pro-migrant Press in the service of a political elite who to enrich themselves milk migrant-related EU funding.

Imagine the ‘get out of gaol’ opportunities when criminally minded migrants carry no identity documents. Then consider the fact that 40% of asylum seekers entering Ireland destroy their identity documents between boarding and arrival. Without evidence, immigration officials have no way of verifying an individual’s claim that they are in fact a genuine asylum seeker fleeing a war-torn nation or at risk of persecution.

Such is the outcry and public disturbance by the native Irish that the now alarmed Dublin regime has been forced to reintroduce immediate passport checks at the steps of arriving aircraft.

What will happen to those who during the flight dispose of their documents in the airliner’s latrines? Precious little and the distressed people of the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic know it. The authorities have a track record of using every ruse imaginable to avoid frustrating the progress of the migrant gravy train.

It seems that the authorities will act to save their native populations from disaster only when the authorities fear the wrath of a popular uprising more than they fear the loss of their investments in the migrant support industries.

The rot goes deep. Nothing demonstrates the scale and depth of state corruption than the milking of the government’s immigration policies by the recently retired Rupert Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill.

As Group Chief Executive of SERCO, he was charged with services to the Westminster regime for migrant-related services. Employing 80,000 people, SERCO is described as offering services to the government in Health, Defense, Transport, and Justice and Immigration. An investment opportunity by parliamentarians, the colossus operates in 16 countries and is valued at £5 billion ($6.5 billion).

Such is the scale of government corruption that the minister, Roderic O’Gorman, has basically sent out search parties seeking and luring asylum claimants around the world, telling them they can all get a free house, free access to housing, free healthcare, free education, four months after they’ve got approval for their asylum application.”

According to government data, a record number of 13,651 asylum applications were made in Ireland last year. This is six times higher than the previous year, while immigration into Ireland also hit a 15-year high in 2022.

The confidential document seen by the Irish Times also references a dramatic rise in the number of asylum applications originating from safe countries of origin, including Georgia and Albania.

The Irish government, currently ruled by a coalition of liberal parties, has approved a scheme that will regularize tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, granting them access to the country’s labor market and providing them with a pathway to citizenship.

The scheme, to run from January 2023, will give an estimated 17,000 illegal immigrants who have spent at least four years in Ireland the right to apply for so-called “regularization.”

Successful applicants, along with their undocumented family members, will be given official residency status inside the country, access to the Irish labor market, and a pathway to citizenship.

Commenting on the approval of the scheme, Neil Brutan, a development officer for Migrants Rights Centre of Ireland (MRCI), which spearheaded the campaign to regularize illegal immigrants back in 2010, said: “This is an absolutely historic day for undocumented people. After 11 years of campaigning for this, it is going to allow people to stay safely here, live normal lives, and without fear.”

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