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The US Century is already in the Dustbin of History

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EUROPE RENAISSANCE SPECIAL REPORT: Ukraine Conflict Accelerating the Decline of American Dominance. For many years, the United States considered itself the dominant power, but every day the country’s position on the world stage is weakening. 

More and more states are starting to unite to protect themselves from Washington’s predatory nature, and this process is accelerating due to the Ukrainian crisis, George O’Neill, a member of the board of directors of the Institute of American Ideas, writes in an article for The American Conservative.
‘We see firsthand the death throes of the hegemony of the United States over a large part of the world. Until misinformed and propagandized citizens begin to recognize the extent of their government’s political deception, it will become increasingly difficult for them to understand the changing global position of the United States and adjust to the consequences of the growing negative perception of our country by many people in the rest of the world, ‘wrote a member of the board of directors of the Institute of American Ideas in an article for The American Conservative George O’Neill.

According to him, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, America turned out to be ‘the dominant and unsurpassed’ power. But instead of being a peacemaker and an honest ‘world policeman’, she increasingly behaves like an ‘instability-causing hooligan’.

‘If the world was a bar, America would be the angry drunk waving around a loaded gun. Yeah, the other people in the bar might be afraid of him, but they sure as hell don’t respect him.’ ~ American commentator.

Many leaders are reluctant to talk about the increasingly destructive nature of US foreign policy actions, fearing retribution. But as the prestige and power of the country are falling, there are more and more those on the world stage who want to protect themselves from ‘American predaciousness’, the expert notes.

Washington is directly responsible for many coups and conflicts in various parts of the world. In addition, ‘contrary to the mythology of the establishment,’ the United States has repeatedly violated promises and treaties, including the expansion of NATO to the east, the author of the article recalls.

Yet Western Alliance citizens, fed by an endless stream of propaganda, continue to believe that they live in the ‘most generous’, ‘exceptional’ country that puts ‘protection of the global order ahead of self-interest while America’s ever-growing list of atrocities abroad has gone largely unquestioned at home for years, it is becoming increasingly apparent to many people around the world,’ O’Neill emphasizes.

In his opinion, the days of pretending to ignore the destructive behavior of the United States are coming to an end. More and more countries are forming or joining alternative alliances outside of US influence, increasing the number of participants in the SCO, BRICS, OPEC and other organizations.

The Ukrainian conflict has accelerated movement in this direction. For, as America’s allies are learning, ties to the US can entail huge political and financial costs. The population of Europe sees how their own economy has suffered and paid dearly ‘for ten rounds of self-destructive sanctions imposed against Russia,’ the publicist believes.

Washington decided that Germany should not import cheap Russian gas. The American authorities threatened to shut off the Nord Streams, and soon, due to ‘coincidence’, both pipelines were blown up, the author of the article reminds.

‘Neocons are praising this act of terrorism against a US ally. Perhaps they believe that Washington’s feigned innocence will appease America and Europe, but the rest of the world thinks otherwise,’ O’Neill is sure.

In his opinion, the world has also not forgotten how less than two years ago a group of motley Afghan militants expelled ‘the so-called self-styled most powerful army in the history of mankind’ from Afghanistan. In this chaotic retreat, the Americans abandoned $80 billion worth of weapons.

Also, contrary to numerous claims that ‘ Russians will fall in shock and awe at ‘sanctions from hell’, the ruble has not collapsed as Joe Biden predicted.’ ’The United States and its NATO satellites are running out of ammunition and weapons to send to Ukraine, which is being bled on their orders. It seems that Russia will steadily grind the Ukrainian army, ‘says the expert.

He calls on compatriots not to succumb to state propaganda and to realize what their leaders are like. Americans ‘must wake up’ and do what they can before the current conflict escalates into a global war, O’Neill concludes. 

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