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Does Europe Renaissance Survive You Decide?


Again, EUROPE RENAISSANCE is in crisis and faces possible closure because of a lack of readership support. Our news platform is popular, it has thousands of visitors and ‘LIKES’, and hundreds of followers. Unfortunately, we barely survive as we live in a time when self-sacrifice – even a little for a just and needy cause – is at a low ebb. Never have people been so well-off; never have people been so lacking in charity.

It is understandable that many people feel that with so much news and information available another lost news source won’t be missed. What is likely to be missed is a news source that simply won’t be accessible anywhere else.

If you, our readers doubt this, then simply take up the ‘See for Yourself’ challenge.

Choose at random any ten or twenty Europe Renaissance news stories and ask yourself, if it weren’t for Europe Renaissance would we get this news and information elsewhere? No, you would not because we publish what others are afraid to publish. VIDEO Imagine If This Police Crackdown Happened in Hungary

You are what you read: talk to a friend or neighbor whose news diet is mainstream media. You will shake your head at the ignorance of these ignorant media junkies. You will realize just how knowledgeable you are by comparison because you got your real news uncensored from Europe Renaissance.

You will be more interesting, respected and newsworthy yourself because you accessed a news platform denied to the ignorant. You will appear smarter and better informed.

This is what you lose if through a lack of donations ~ reader support –  Europe Renaissance folds. As the ballad goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it. The tragedy is that it costs so little to keep Europe Renaissance publishing.

The only people who have a right to criticize censorship are those who actually do help alternative news media like Europe Renaissance. They are the people who do put their money where their mouth is. Those who could help but choose not to practice self-censorship have no reason to criticize media censors.

If you want to help Europe Renaissance to keep publishing contact Mike Walsh ( and find out how you can contribute as little at $10 a month to keep us going. 

Donate: It is the generosity of our supporters and members that makes our vital work possible. As the storm clouds of crisis and the pain of injustice and persecution loom over our people, the potential and importance of our work grows day-by-day. There is no George Soros figure out there for nationalists, so we can only do what good people like you help us to do. Thank you for your faith and your generous commitment: contact Michael Walsh

MIKE WALSH is a journalist, broadcaster and the author of LIFE IN THE REICH, MY LAST TESTAMENT – LET GOD JUDGE ME, HEROES HANG WHEN TRAITORS TRIUMPH, and other book titles. These best-selling books are essential for the libraries of informed readers.




We are in debt to our donors who finance the distribution of spin-free real news and fearlessly expressed views.


MEGACAUST Michael Walsh. R. J. Rummel, Power Kills: Genocide and Mass Murder (Journal of Peace Research) 164 million people have been killed in cold blood this century by Capitalist / Communist governments.

SLAUGHTER OF A DYNASTY Michael Walsh. Covertly sponsored by Wall Street banks and the White House Bolsheviks seized Tsarist Russia (regime change). For 36 years news of Bolshevik atrocities and 70 million martyred Christians were censored by Western media. Lavishly illustrated, this expose reveals secrets removed from Western history books.

When ordering the book contact Michael Walsh by email to receive your signed copy.

New stories every day!


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  1. “talk to a friend or neighbor whose news diet is mainstream media. You will shake your head at the ignorance of these ignorant media junkies. ”

    You are right as often, but the sadest part of all is that even if you try to enlighten them, they refuse to listen, they put their heads in the sand, they want nothing from the truth or even an alternative to their misconceptions.

    I know hundreds of websites and many of them have the same problem: how to keep going without the needed financial support.

    Readers can’t possibly fund all of them, especially in this period of planned and manufactured ‘inflation’.

    I also know sites who are run for free (wordpress, blogger, susbtack, etc…) and still do a great job without the need for much funding.

    Europe Renaissance is important but we can’t sponsor all sites out there.

    Solutions often include a mix of different approaches, like corporate sponsoring, ads, joining forces with ideologically close allies (and there are some of them), reader’s funding, paid articles among free ones, paid subscriptions to higher-value content (books, videos), material like T-shirts, mugs and other where creative memes like the ones you have on your site could be printed and sold.

    There are possibilities besides reader’s funding.

    All the best anyway, it would be sad to see you closing.

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    • Well said, and much needed. I run two websites that advocate for our people, in addition to my business sites. It’s a trade-off. My advocacy sites are paid for directly out of my pocket, so I can’t really afford the time that it takes to research and write new articles, so they are often far between. We all have our own living expenses, and that has to come first – especially when you have a family to support.

      Liked by 2 people

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