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Swedes and European Union citizens don’t trust politicians or the media

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EUROPE RENAISSANCE SPECIAL REPORT: In a poll likely to be reflected throughout the Godless European Union the Swedes do not trust either politicians or the media. This is evidenced by the results of the latest public opinion poll, according to which only 7% of the Swedish population is convinced that politicians are actually strengthening democracy. In addition, fewer people perceive the Swedish media as independent.

The threat to democracy is moving towards its tipping point, and the trend is international. Sweden’s population is rapidly approaching the limit of how much democracy can last before it starts to collapse. Just like the environment, democracy has its ’critical points’ that, if crossed, can cause irreparable damage to people’s faith in the basic values and mechanisms of society, journalist Ian Sherman writes in an op-ed in Aftonbladet.

The EU in the worst sense of the word is very much the new USSR,; says Zahar Prilepin in Komsomol Pravda

Swedes do not trust either politicians or the media, and more and more people believe that the threat to Swedish democracy is great. This is evidenced by the results of a public opinion poll conducted by the Novus sociological center. The study was organized for the first time in 2022, and this year’s latest results are even more alarming than previous ones. Nine out of ten respondents believe that current politicians do not strengthen or weaken democracy (52% believe that they do not strengthen or weaken, and 34% – that they weaken democracy). According to the author of the article, such assessments are ‘crushing’ for democracy.

As you know, democracy means the rule of the people, and political representatives have won the trust of the people to govern the country. However, the poll shows that only 7% are convinced that politicians are actually strengthening democracy. Thus, support for politicians has halved compared to 2022, when it was 12%. The latest election campaign in the Scandinavian country has fueled distrust of politicians, Sherman writes in Aftonbladet. 

As noted, if all political forces formed a single party, they would be close to flying out of parliament. If the current rate of growing skepticism among voters continues, by the next election the Swedish people will lose all confidence in their politicians.

A strong independent media has always been emphasized as a balancing force against politics, but even its authority is declining. Fewer people perceive the Swedish media as independent, and more than four out of ten believe that the media do not operate independently either. The results of the survey showed a growing distrust of information disseminated through the mainstream media. As the independence of the media is increasingly questioned, the necessary balance is upset. Thus, democracy risks losing an important defense mechanism, the author of the article complains.

What happens in Sweden is relevant to the rest of the Western world. According to the UN, the democratic progress of the last 32 years has been erased. Similar conclusions are drawn by Freedom House and The Economist. According to their data, only 8% of the world’s population lives in fully democratic countries, Sherman emphasizes.

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  1. There is a country in Euorpe where people are so stupid, so ignorant and yet so arrogant and rpoud about their crass ignorant that they rather hang truth tellers than admit they are being fooled.

    This is a country where morons (because that’s all they are) are rpoud and happy to wear muzzles and get injected with poison..

    And if you happen to have a working brain and not to follow their stupid compliance, they hate you…

    This country is Ireland.

    Just to say that if Swedes are unhappy why do they keep voting for globalist servants or marxists?

    They are responsible of the situation they put themselves in by keeping voting for criminals years after years like most other Europeans…


  2. Everything I have read here sounds as if it could be here in the US. I haven’t watched the news since 2018. All I get is alternative news.

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