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Zelensky persecutes Christians, and the US supports it


Zelensky organizes persecution of Christians in Ukraine, closes Orthodox churches, and arrests priests and monks. At the same time, US Christian leaders prefer to keep quiet about it, actually approving his actions, Fox News host Tucker Carlson notes in his program.

Zelensky organizes persecution of Christians in Ukraine, closes Orthodox churches, and arrests priests and monks. At the same time, US Christian leaders (and supporters of Ukraine) prefer to keep quiet about it, actually approving his actions, Fox News host Tucker Carlson notes in his program.To support Joe Biden’s Ukraine policy, you must support what the Ukrainian government is doing with American taxpayer dollars, including the persecution of unreliable Christians inside Ukraine.

Now Zelensky is closing churches belonging to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. He states that the country needs spiritual independence. He literally closes churches and arrests priests and nuns, and it’s on the Internet, you can look it up if you want. This begs the question: why don’t Christian leaders in the United States say anything about it, but actually approve of it? So do Russell Moore and many others.

Megan Basham, a reporter for The Daily Wire, is with us. Megan, thank you so much for taking the time. The matter seems to be serious: in all my life I don’t remember a European country closing churches and throwing Christians behind bars on such a scale. Why did none of the Christian leaders here notice this? 

The crosses on the Throne Church of the Kyiv-Pecherskaya Lavra have turned black

Megan Basham, The Daily Wire

‘Yes, it’s quite surprising, because if you look at the situation, the monks are being kicked out of the 11th-century monastery, and saints are buried under this temple. You won’t see that in countries with liberal democracies… ‘

TUCKER: ‘And it can be assumed that those who presented Zelensky as a hero, applauded him and assured us that this is the one whom we need to support, whom we must support as Christians, will now question his specific actions, but we do not observe this. 

March 2009

MEGAN: ‘When he unfolded what can in many ways be described as persecution of the believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, this is bypassed, in complete silence. What is the reason for this silence? I would even point out that this situation is not particularly covered by such media outlets as Christianity Today, whose editor-in-chief is Russell Moore.

And I have a serious question. How can you write so many articles about Trump, who has been out of office for three years, but not say anything about what can probably be characterized as persecution of the faith? The Ukrainian authorities claim to have found the leaflets, but that’s about all they point to. They found some rubles and leaflets in these temples – not weapons, not something especially terrible. And I want to ask why they are silent about it.’

TUCKER: It’s just a shame. Churches are being closed, priests are being arrested—and Christian leaders in our country don’t say anything about it? I think this is a real shame. Thanks for letting me know about this situation. Megan, thank you very much. It was a pleasure to see you.

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