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American an angry drunk waving around a loaded gun

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‘If the world was a bar, America would be the angry drunk waving around a loaded gun. Yeah, the other people in the bar might be afraid of him, but they sure as hell don’t respect him.’

Expressed by an American this view is constantly in my thoughts as I watch our world slide towards all-out war. Ousted from Syria, Iraq and Turkey, humiliated by the Afghanistan debacle, Washington DC neocons seek ever new ways to challenge their Russian, Iranian and Chinese rivals in trade and natural resources.

The U.S cannot win a hot war as the onset of nuclear weaponry ensures there being no victors. However, Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is the last resort of neocons backed into a corner.

Unlike the British Empire which took several years to renounce hegemony the USSR converted itself into a prosperous and thriving nation-state in just a single decade. Now, destiny is about to put the last nails in the U.S coffin but will the nation dubbed ‘the great Satan’ go without a fight.

There are several ignition switches. The most immediate one is that much provoked North Korea will pre-emptively strike U.S targets. Response would finish Pyongyang but does the U.S win if Seoul, Seattle and Tokyo are reduced to radioactive dust. Furthermore, as China borders Korea would the Chinese accept collateral damage?

Another flashpoint is Ukraine which temporarily disappeared from media’s radar following America’s successful toppling of the elected Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych in February 2014.

The separation of Europe’s largest country from its Russian mentor has resulted in chaos and a Brothers War that has so far claimed 250,000 Ukrainian lives and the plunder of Ukraine’s natural and public resources by EU and U.S corporations. Ukraine, once the brains, science and engineering redeemer of the USSR, is now one of the world’s most impoverished countries.

Could the U.S installed Kiev junta trigger WWIII?  A U.S bill may soon be passed that permits the supply of lethal weapons to Kiev. Ukraine could be Syria Mk. 2 in Europe itself.

Another tinderbox is the Baltic States. NATO commanders concede that they simply don’t have the military means to defend northern Europe. Why then the arms build-up, the constant provocative NATO exercises and endless prodding of the Russian bear.

CIA Director Mike Pompeo whined that Russia was constantly looking for ways to ‘stick it to America’. This is a bit rich coming from a country whose 1,050 bases surround Russia, China and Iran? Reality is that Washington and NATO constantly pursue an agenda that has as its aim ‘sticking it to Russia’ and provoking China.

Alarmingly, the West is being run like a school playground. It seems we are all on the handcart to hell; a handcart being dragged by a clutch of unelected bullies who in total number wouldn’t fill a single decker bus. Discover the news differently. Please share this story on social media:

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  1. It’s the Government that is causing the problems. The people are cowards that quake in the shadows of the Government.


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