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A man’s greatest reward is a woman who is Happy, Loved and Loved by her man

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The easiest way to understand a man is to look at his woman. On the woman he chose and achieved. Everything else is not as important as a woman next to a man. A strong, well-willed, well-groomed woman means that a man is worth something and has self-respect. He will go far and wide. He already got the top prize. He was able to win the love of such a woman.

A faithful and homely woman, for whom family values are important, will help you achieve wealth. And a man also sees the meaning of his activity in increasing the resource. A smart woman means a man is also smart. Together they can pull off the most complex plans and create something great. A generous and kind woman – a man has these qualities, too, and he will develop them.

A happy and free, strong and smart, faithful woman is the companion of a winner man. Even if he began his life journey so, with poverty and mistakes.

A woman is an achievement and the reward achieved by a man is his level. His soul is reflected in his lady of heart like in a mirror. And when next to a seemingly strong man is an “empty-headed scoundrel”, as Ayn Rand wrote, his career is doomed. Even if now, he is full of strength and has a lot of possibilities. After a while he will lose it all; deep down he has no self-respect. Doesn’t believe in long-term success. And chose a shiny pitiful toy instead of the gold cup winner.

An evil woman means that a man is also evil in his soul. Even if he displays kindness and speaks kind words; he has chosen to reflect his true soul through his woman.

And the saddest sight is a stuffed and exhausted woman next to a successful and strong man. She picked a weak man and exercised treating him. Turned his woman into a slave. So, he is a slave at heart. And he is destined to be someone’s slave.

A woman is a precious prize of the winner, his choice, his triumph. What a man really is and what he thinks of himself is easy to understand by looking at his lady. It is a reflection of a man’s soul. ~ Anna Kiryanova

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