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One-Eye in the land of the Blind – The rediscovery of aether – Based on the life of Viktor Schauberger 

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This is the incredible, yet true story of Viktor Schauberger – an Austrian forest ranger who discovers a new, free energy source in the 1920’s, by quietly observing water in its natural environment. He briefly acquires world fame through his revolutionary inventions.

Envious scientists slander his name and try to have him imprisoned. Greedy industrialists attempt to steal his patents. Sly politicians strive to get him to jump onto their bandwagon.

Adolf Hitler even dreamed of using this Implosion Technology to power his Third Reich. Germany’s national leader forces the inventor to develop an engine for a flying saucer at the concentration camp Mauthausen.

After the war, the Americans capture Viktor Schauberger and force him to build the world’s most powerful hydrogen bomb with his technology.

The remarkable inventor soon realizes that mankind isn’t ready for his technology, at mankind’s current stage of development. He fears his inventions will be abused to help people kill each other even faster and on a larger scale.

This could lead humanity further into abysmal economic slavery. Thus, despite the danger to himself he wisely keeps the final secrets to himself. But even so, he presents clear pointers that could lead a morally mature humanity of the future to safely develop this sustainable, natural ‘Implosion Technology’.

R. Guépin came across Schauberger’s work while studying Biodynamic agriculture. He was instantly captivated by the forest ranger’s agricultural inventions. From that moment on, he embarked on an in-depth study into this enigmatic personality.

This captivating tale, which reads like a fictionalized biography, is his personal attempt to gain a deeper understanding of the inventor in the social-economical settings of his time.

It also explores his likely sources of inspiration and provides a summary of what has been delivered to us about his mysterious Implosion devices. A must-read for anyone interested in Free Energy and a new society. A serious eye-opener for anyone who believes modern science to be on the right track. Paperback and eBook. Discover the news differently. Please share this story on social media.

Recommended book: One-Eye – In the land of the blind – The rediscovery of aether – Based on the life of Viktor Schauberger

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