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Clashes and arson of City Hall: A million French people continue to strike against pension reform

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Over a million people took part in demonstrations against pension reform, which took place on Thursday, March 23, in many major cities in France. Such data was brought to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country. It was the first demonstration since the adoption of the reform.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs recalled that on the previous day of general protest, March 15, the number of demonstrators was half that. At the same time, the trade union General Confederation of Labor (CGT) counted 3.5 million participants in the demonstrations.

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One of the most numerous actions took place in Paris. In the French capital, there were riots and clashes between protesters and the police. The demonstrators pelted law enforcement officers with Molotov cocktails, fireworks and firecrackers, as well as plastic and glass bottles filled with various liquids. The police responded with tear gas bombs and stun grenades. It is known about the victims both among law enforcement officers and among the demonstrators. Dozens of people were detained.

Anti-pension reform protesters threw a Macron doll under a train.

In addition to the presidential puppet, protesters also set fire to an effigy of French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born, politician Olivier Vérand and French Minister of Social Affairs Olivier Dussop. The demonstration took place in the square in the French city of Dijon. It was reported by Rambler. VIDEO

Islamic world against Emmanuel Macron 2020

It was also quite noisy in other cities of the country. Protesters set fire to cars, bicycles, dumpsters and more. And in Bordeaux, they even set fire to the city hall building. At the same time, several fire brigades even joined activists in favor of the abolition of pension reform.

Life recalls: French President Emmanuel Macron decided to pass a bill to raise the retirement age without a vote in the National Assembly (lower house of parliament). He convened the Council of Ministers to take advantage of the constitutional instrument that allows him to do so. The Prime Minister of the country, Elizabeth Bourne, called for the democratic way for the adoption of the reform. And Marine Le Pen called on Bourne to resign. The French opposition declared no confidence in the country’s government, but the vote did not find support during the voting. And in Paris, protesters against the pension reform burned an effigy of Macron.

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In Paris, the police had to use tear gas to disperse the protesters. VIDEO

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