The African who grew up happily in Reich’s Germany

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Hans Massaquoi grew up in National Socialist Germany. Born on January 19, 1926, in Hamburg where his grandfather had been Liberian consul general, Hans experienced Hitler’s rise to power and life in Germany during the war.

Contrary to the popular myth that black people were exterminated or sterilized, Hans lived happily throughout the duration of the war. Despite laws that favoured Germans Hans states in his book that he was never persecuted. In fact, Hans gained an apprenticeship as a teenager after attending a job counselling session at a government-run job centre with a member of the SS.

Expecting to be humiliated, Hans Massaquoi was instead surprised to be greeted with ‘a friendly wink’, offered a seat and asked to present an example of his handiwork.

After showing the official an axe that he had fashioned at a local blacksmith’s forge, Massaquoi was surprised to be told that he could ‘be of great service to Germany one day’ when technically-qualified Germans would be needed to go to Africa to train and develop a local black workforce if Germany reclaimed its African colonies. 

As a teenager in July 1943, Hans survived the near-destruction of Hamburg during the Operation Gomorrah bombing raids that killed 42,600 civilians and wounded 37,000 more. In 1947 Massaquoi immigrated to the United States on a student visa. In 2001 he released his autobiography ‘Destined to Witness – Growing up Black in Nazi Germany.’

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