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The left in Poland wants prayer to become a thought crime

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If the left-liberal opposition wins the upcoming elections, the religious freedom of Catholics in Poland may be violated, warns Polish columnist Goran Andrijanić. Left party MP Katarzyna Kotula posted on social media that if her party comes to power, they will ban prayer in front of hospitals and abortion clinics.

‘We will introduce a ban on prayers – protests with bloody banners in front of hospitals with gynaecological wards, right after the election victory,’ Kotula wrote on social media, commenting on the news the UK.

In the UK, prayers have been banned in the vicinity of buildings where abortions are performed. This is a very controversial decision that is still the subject of fierce debate. Within a radius of 150 meters around abortion clinics, expressing religious feelings or even silent prayer is prohibited. Two people who dared to stop for a moment in this ‘protected’ area and pray have already been detained. Pro-life activist Isabel Vaughan Spruce and Father Sean Gaugh were both arrested in Birmingham for a prayer they did not even speak out loud.

In this way, prayer to the Christian God has become the first official thought crime in the West. George Orwell’s vision from his masterpiece 1984 has come to pass.

It would take us a long time to list all the reasons why this decision from the U.K. is wrong. Among other things, it threatens civil and religious liberties and sets a dangerous precedent for a democratic society.

However, Poland’s Ms. Kotula is not bothered by any such concerns. She would solve all these doubts in a simple way — with a ban. And she would do it in accordance with the political tradition of her party — the repression of Catholics.

This is exactly the kind of Poland that the opposition camp is preparing for Poles, confident of its victory in the upcoming elections. It is a Poland where prayer in public places will be a crime. At the same time, Poles will not even be able to pray quietly in churches because there will always be the possibility that Mass will be interrupted by some leftist activists.

These leftists, of course, will not be punished for their actions — just like the leftist activists in Poznań were not punished for disrupting Holy Mass. Discover real news differently. Please share this story on social media:

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