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MICHAEL WALSH EXCLUSIVE: The English novelist L. P Hartley penned those immortal words, “The past is a foreign country. They do things differently there.”

The world has changed beyond recognition in just a lifetime. Those over 60 years of age have journeyed also in a time machine to a strange foreign country. Frankly, most find it to be a bewildering place.

When first published in 1949 the journalist George Orwell intended his novel, 1984, to be a work of fiction. Without realising its future impact Orwell accurately foretold the all-seeing Big Brother media-manipulated nightmare our generation has inherited. George Orwell’s novel is no longer in the library’s fiction department.

Less well-known is Edgar Cayce (1877 – 1945). The American mystic’s many prophecies were so accurate they simply cannot be dismissed as coincidence. His readings perfectly foretold the Great Depression of 1929, events relating to both world wars; even foretold the future deaths of two U.S Presidents.

As this mystical foresight are now in the past they can only be a source of wonder to us. But, it should be a matter of interest that Edgar Cayce foretold of events yet to occur. During his readings, the seer correctly described our ‘brave new world’. Remember, back then, everything we now take for granted such as space exploration, the internet, cell phones, TV and much else was the stuff of science fiction and fantasy.

It was a time when no one could have predicted the collapse of the British Empire or the disintegration of the Soviet colossus. When in 1932 Edgar Cayce was questioned about political and economic trends in future Europe he zeroed in on Russia. He saw Europe as a decomposing region. Cayce also foretold of nations controlled by a manipulative cultish global elite, their banking cartels and a corrupted mainstream media.

The American prophet again truthfully described a post-Communist Russia as being ‘a thorn in the side of financial powers that were organising themselves against the good of humanity.’

The American dubbed ‘the sleeping prophet’ described a futuristic Europe of electorally neutered people. His predictions described them as being mismanaged ‘for the gratification of a few, irrespective of any other man’s right’. Can anyone better describe the European Union today?

Anti-globalist Marine le Pen sums it up; “the divide is no longer between right and left, but between the patriots and the globalists’.

Cayce talked of Europe being reborn phoenix-like. In his prophecies, the Kentucky-born says Russia plays a pivotal role. Without question, post-Communist Russia has been since the millennium reinvented itself.

Independent and forging the world’s greatest trading blocs President Vladimir Putin’s Russia today outmanoeuvres and outguns the West.

Meanwhile, Washington and its European vassals are asphyxiated by perpetual bondage to banks and receivership whilst their trading options diminish by the day.

There is little importance that is happening today that wasn’t accurately prophesied by Edgar Cayce. He did predict that a Third World War was possible. But, without elaborating, he said before he passed away, “In Russia there comes hope in the world not as that as sometimes termed of the Communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom.” Discover real news differently. Please share this story on social media:

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  1. One thing that stands out from reading Edgar Cayce many years ago was his reading on Russia and Ukraine being the future light of the world .At the time ,I never paid much attention as Russia was then part of the USSR and a communist country with very much control over the population. I had to take a step back when again I came across this site in my recent web travels.

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      • Strangely enough ,I just received some information this morning from a site I subscribe to called with an article about Edgar Cayce .Thought about you as a historically knowledgeable man that you might be interested in this video with Stephan A.Schwartz,probably the most knowledgeable on Edgar Cayce’s life .here is the link,
        1 hr:30:54 ,kinda long but most interesting.

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