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Persecution of Christians Rampant in US-Sponsored Kiev

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While the ruling clique in Kiev, in their obedient dance to the tunes of their Western sponsors is busy kicking out the Orthodox Christian clergy and monks from the most ancient and prominent monastery of the entire Orthodox world, a remarkable fact, scarcely mentioned even by the impartial observers, calls for your attention.

It has been officially announced that if anyone of the monastery residents, clergymen and monks, break allegiance to the Christian Orthodox Church and join the self-styled breakaway group presenting itself as an ‘orthodox church of Ukraine’, are welcome to stay put and will not be subject to any administrative or punitive measures.

We should not blame those observers who happen to skirt this issue: by and large, it is far removed from the minds of many readers in the West.  In all honesty, they would have a hard time telling the difference between the Orthodox Church and a self-styled fake group. As a matter of fact, the Reformers back in the XVI century were also labeled ‘schismatics’…

Step back in history: One of the first anti-Christian measures undertaken by the Bolsheviks immediately after the overthrow of the legitimate Russian government of 1917 – apart from random pogroms, violence and assassination of the clergy, was so-called Renovationist Schism, carefully orchestrated and implemented by the NKVD and Soviet secret service (after the fall of Communism all documents to this effect got published in Russia). 

This Bolshevik plot to ‘renovate’ the Church (and, as a by-product, make her obey and support the Bolshevist power) enjoyed visible success in 1922-1923… And far-sighted clergy realized even then, in the midst of the revolutionary vortex, that it was more dangerous for the Church than the Communist rule itself with all its brutality, concentration camps and firing squads. 

It was thanks to Patriarch St. Tychon, due to his piety, wisdom, courage and resolve, that dissenters began to repent and return back. The last schismatic parish in Moscow survived until the 1940-es. 

And the bottom line is straightforward. As a reviewer of the works of C.S. Lewis, a famous British author and apologist, once put it, We stand by our Christian belief not because it is useful, pleasant, socially advantageous or publicly approved, but because it is true.

Now, if the truth is compromised by a schism, if the truth is replaced by falsehood, then the Church of God gets converted into something different, serving the interests of ‘the liar and the father of lies’ (Jn.8:44) – this being precisely the objective of the ruling clique in Kiev and their Western sponsors. 

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