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Tucker Carlson: leaker arrested, not those in power who lie about the US military in Ukraine

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In the United States, the alleged organizer of the leak of secret documents was arrested. It turned out to be a 21-year-old soldier of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he was arrested for exposing the lies of the Joe Biden administration about the situation in Ukraine.

TUCKER: Good evening! Welcome to Tucker Carlson Tonight. Over the past 14 months, we have heard two main things about the war in Ukraine. First, that the war in Ukraine is a war for national sovereignty, not a proxy war between superpowers. Russia invaded Ukraine. It is immoral. And the United States supports Ukraine because it supports democracy. But the United States itself is not at war with Russia – this is the war of Ukraine. 

The second thing we hear over and over again is that Ukraine is winning this war. The Ukrainian military are brave and noble, the Russian ones are evil and mediocre. Ukraine defeats Russia, and in the end its victory is inevitable.

You are well aware of these statements because you have heard them every day since last February. They were repeated by all those in power in the US: The Pentagon, the White House, leaders of both parties in Congress, corporate executives and celebrities. And more often than not, you’ve heard these statements from virtually every media outlet.

These are the main theses about the war in Ukraine, but both are lies. We became aware that this is a lie, thanks to intelligence leaks about the war that began to appear on social networks late last week. Among other social networks, documents from the briefings began to appear on Twitter.

These materials showed that in fact this is not a war of Ukraine – this is our war. The United States is a direct participant in the war against Russia. At this very moment, American soldiers are fighting the Russian military. This is not a regional conflict in Eastern Europe – this is open warfare between the world’s leading nuclear superpowers. Yet the United States did not officially announce the start of the war. It was not authorized by Congress. Therefore, this war violates American law. It is a crime.

The second thing we learned from the leak is that despite the direct involvement of the United States, Ukraine is losing this war. For every Russian killed, seven Ukrainians are killed. Ukrainian air defense is absolutely destroyed. Ukraine is losing.

And the Biden administration is well aware of this. They are in a panic. And yet they lie about it all the time. For example, just two weeks ago, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin told the Senate that Russia’s military strength, and I quote, is ‘weakening.’ In other words, Russia is losing the war. It was a lie. Austin knew it was a lie, but repeated it during his congressional testimony. It is a crime. But Lloyd Austin was not arrested.

Instead, the only one who was detained and who is likely to remain the only one detained is a 21-year-old American who serves in the Massachusetts Air National Guard, the author of a leak that showed that Lloyd Austin was lying.

He solved crimes, which means he’s a criminal. That’s how Washington works: telling the truth is the only real sin.

At the same time, our mass media exist and have constitutional guarantees just to resist this absurdity. Their only job is to tell the truth. And yet today the media rejoice in the capture of the guy who told the Americans what is really going on in Ukraine. They treat him like Osama bin Laden, maybe worse because, unlike al-Qaeda, this guy is apparently a racist.  Fox News host Tucker Carlson VIDEO

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