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A gang of coloreds tortured a 12-year-old White girl for hours, mother collapsed when she saw the video

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Viral video shocks Germany: Gang of subhuman girls tortures 12-year-old girl for hours, mother ‘collapsed’ when she saw the video. The young German victim remains in a psychiatric clinic weeks after the attack, and two of the perpetrators are unlikely to face any legal consequences.

A White German teenage girl was brutally tortured on video by teenagers, who beat the victim, set her hair on fire, and put out cigarettes on her face.

A video of the incident is spreading across social media, with users reacting with shock to its content. However, a longer version of the video has been made available to the German television channel RTL, which states the longer version is far more harrowing and includes the teenagers setting the girl’s hair on fire and putting lit cigarettes out on her.

The girl, who is White, is targeted by girls who appear to have a foreign background. One Black girl is also seen in the background, but it is unclear if she participated in the assault.

“Everyone knows that nothing will happen to them because they are so young, but my daughter will never forget it for the rest of her life,” said the mother of the victim in an interview with Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitung. “When I saw the video, I collapsed. Everyone had fun tormenting my daughter. These are sadists.”

According to the victim’s mother, the shorter version of the video does not show the full extent of the torture her daughter was subjected to. In the longer video, the group of girls forced the victim to strip down to her T-shirt, and according to police spokeswoman Astrid Heidorn, she was also robbed of her cell phone. Warning. Upsetting.

The bullying of a German girl by non-Germans. Nobody in the group has the moral fibre to step in and stop the madness.

What are we becoming?

In the video, the girls tell the German girl to close her eyes each time before punching her in the face and slapping her (a censored version of the video can also be accessed here on Rumble). The girl hysterically cries in response. One of the girls spits on her, telling her, “Close your sh*t eyes.” Although there is no footage of the girl being stubbed with lit cigarettes in the shorter clip that has been made publicly available, one of the aggressors asks where her cigarettes are as the victim weeps in front of her.

The incident reportedly took place on Feb. 21 in Heide, located in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, and comes shortly after the murder of a 12-year-old Luise in Freudenberg, who was stabbed to death by two girls the same age.

Up to a dozen girls may have participated in the latest attack, but even those already identified may face no criminal responsibility. They are between the ages of 12 and 17. Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister of the Interior Sabine Sütterlin-Waack said: “Three perpetrators have been identified, but two of them are under the age of criminal responsibility.”

In Germany, any perpetrator under the age of 14 cannot be held criminally liable, which means the murderers of the 12-year-old victim will face no legal consequences whatsoever, a law that the Alternative for Germany (AfD) is seeking to change in order to hold young perpetrators accountable for serious crimes. “I want the perpetrators to be punished harshly and fairly. The law needs to be tightened,” said the mother. The victim and her tormentors appear to have known each other before the incident.

During the incident, a witness was passing by the scene, and the victim was forced to tell that person that she was merely lovesick and the other girls were there to take care of her. However, another witness eventually stepped in and stopped the violence.

“He realized the danger my daughter was in and took her away when she asked for help. We are very grateful to him,” the victim’s mother told the newspaper. The perpetrators fled the scene when a police vehicle arrived.

Even weeks after the attack, the woman’s daughter remains in a psychiatric clinic where doctors are taking care of her. The mother says she decided to go public with the case now because she wants to raise awareness about violence among young people. She says she also wants to encourage other parents to report similar acts. German source

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  1. This is tragic.  I’ve seen similar things in the US.  But are whites lights when they torture, rape, and murder children?  They do it all the time.  I guess that doesn’t count with you?

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  2. To Alpha: Black on White crime is off the charts in the US in comparison to White on Black.
    I believe you know that to be true- dig your self out of the jewish mind cage that has you bound.

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