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Conditioned to think of the armed forces as being the nation’s shield it is hard to accept that the greatest threat facing Europe is neither Russia nor China but NATO.

Neither Moscow nor Beijing threatens European interests other than setting up a defence against NATO-inspired provocations. On the other hand, the West’s political cliques and orchestrated media wage endless information and trade wars on Russia. So far, anti-Russian sanctions have cost the 27 EU nations $65 billion.  

If today the peoples of Europe stand on the abyss of extinction posterity will blame U.S-controlled NATO. “Support by the United States is in the nature of the support a rope gives to a hanging man.” ~ Nikita Khrushchev.

The charge sheet against NATO is damning and the effects may not be easily overcome. NATO forces have blundered into a score of military calamities and the effects are rebounding in spectacular fashion.

NATO’s destruction of the Libyan state is a textbook example of how not to conduct foreign policy. Of 54 African nations Libya was by far the most prosperous and benign. Our friendly Mediterranean neighbour was rich in natural resources, a nation where the quality of life was much better than any other African country.

Today, thanks to NATO’s totally unjustified regime change, Libya is one of Africa’s most despotic, impoverished and anarchic nations.

Not satisfied with destroying Libya and drooling over the televised public murder of its popular leader the consequences of this disaster ~ as Muammar Gaddafi prophesied ~ is a non-stop flow of millions of displaced Africans seeking sanctuary in Europe.

Like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse NATO has come to symbolise conquest, war, famine and death. To this might be added wholesale population displacement.

As a consequence of NATO aggression Europe faces a tsunami of rootless refugees from Africa and now the Middle East. Understandably, many of the displaced have good cause to hate the West. With friends like NATO who need enemies.

The inflow of non-European immigration causes immense suffering to both refugees and Europe’s host communities. The misery of refugees and the threat to Europe’s stability comes not from Russia or China but from NATO.

I recall a former EWN editor telling me that he thought my predictions were fantasy but conceded they usually turned out as I prophesied. I foresee that when Europeans regain independence from globalists’ interests many NATO commanders will face war crime trials.

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