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Biden administration urged to stop lying about the Ukrainian conflict but it is what presidents are paid to do

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A recent leak of classified documents has shown that US government claims about military operations in Ukraine do not reflect reality. Congress and the people of America must demand accountability and truth from the White House. Otherwise, the country risks being drawn into another foreign conflict writes influential retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert Maginnis in an article for Fox News.

The major media distort the story with the intelligence leak. They act shortsightedly, focusing on the whistleblower, not the content of the materials, in order to protect the head of the White House. ‘But we need to ask if the president is lying about our role in the Ukrainian conflict, which could have dire consequences for all of us.’

According to him, history shows that US leaders regularly lie to the people about wars. So, in 1940, Franklin Roosevelt deceived the Americans by saying that the country would not send soldiers abroad. Moreover, even before the attack on Pearl Harbor and the official entry into the fight against the Nazi bloc, Washington helped the United Kingdom.

President Lyndon Johnson lied about the North Vietnamese threat in order to stay in power. In 1964, he told campaigners in Akron, Ohio, we’re not going to send American boys nine or ten thousand miles from home to do what Asian boys have to deal with themselves.

Then, after his election, Johnson sent the military into the jungles of Vietnam, lying to the people about the attack on the Americans in the Gulf of Tonkin. As a result, the United States deployed half a million people in the region, but in 1975 the troops had to flee from there with their tails between their legs, losing more than 58 thousand soldiers and officers.

George W. Bush also lied about the reason the US invaded Iraq. The president knew that Saddam Hussein no longer had an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, and yet he misled the American people, the author of the article recalls.

He admits that Biden is lying about America’s role in the Ukraine crisis, just as his predecessors lied. After all, the leaked intelligence paints a picture that is very different from that broadcast by the president and his administration.

‘We must ask: what is the truth? Is America more directly involved in the Ukraine conflict than previously reported? Are American troops fighting Russians? Is the Biden administration deliberately draining our arsenals in favor of China? Can Ukraine really win a confrontation with giant Russia?’, says Maginnis.

In his opinion, investigating the Pentagon leak is a serious matter. But far more important is whether Biden and his proxies are telling the American people the truth about the conflict in Ukraine. After all, the president has never explained what the US national interest is in the current confrontation, limiting himself to asserting that it is necessary to protect Ukrainian ‘democracy’ and prevent the Russians from swallowing up more of Europe.

At last year’s NATO summit, the head of the White House promised that Washington would support Kiev ‘for as long as it takes’ and would not allow Moscow to win.’ This is too similar to the statements of Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War,’ the author of the article is sure. 

‘The leaked intelligence documents have become a wake-up call regarding the US role in the Ukraine conflict. It is high time for President Biden to speak frankly with the American people about our interests and whether our future role in this conflict could escalate into something much worse.


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