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Marine Le Pen says ‘I am not Meloni’s sister’

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Marine Le Pen criticizes Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s foreign policy, says: ‘I remain Eurosceptic and every day that passes I become even more Eurosceptic’

National Rally parliamentary leader Marine Le Pen says that she backs Matteo Salvini over Giorgia Meloni, rejects France’s participation in NATO, and doesn’t believe in Macron’s vision for Europe. Marine Le Pen, rejects claims that she and Giorgia Meloni are of the same political stripe and instead argues they are fundamentally very different politicians. Pen says Meloni is too moderate, supports NATO, and is not a Eurosceptic politician.

‘I remain Eurosceptic, convinced that France must leave the integrated command of NATO, and I am against the delivery of offensive weapons to Ukraine,’ said Le Pen told. On top of rejecting Meloni’s foreign policy positions, Le Pen takes her position a step further, saying that she backs League party leader Matteo Salvini, who is currently locked in a contentious coalition with Meloni.

‘Politically, I feel closer to Matteo Salvini,’ said Le Pen. ’I don’t adapt my speech to the election results: I am a loyal person. I am not Meloni’s twin sister, I remain faithful to Salvini,’ she added.

At the same time, Le Pen said a victory for Putin would be a disaster (for NATO). However, instead of supplying arms to Ukraine, she would push for a peaceful resolution to the war.

‘As president, I would do anything for a peaceful solution to the conflict because there are no good solutions: If Russia won the war, it would be a disaster. All states that have a territorial conflict imagine that they can resolve it with arms,’ said Meloni, adding: ‘Should Ukraine win, it would mean that NATO would be at war because Ukraine alone cannot militarily withstand Russia. So, we would have triggered a third world war. If we continue to trickle in arms, we’ll start another Hundred Years’ War, which would be a human catastrophe given the number of casualties. My impression is that many are talking about this conflict as if it were a video game.’

Meloni, in contrast, has strongly backed further weapons shipments to Ukraine, while Meloni’s ally, Salvini, has called for Europe to pursue a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Other leaders in his party are taking a similar stance. Massimiliano Romeo, who heads the League’s faction in the Italian Senate, has also criticized what he says is Italy’s deeper involvement in the war, and asked: ‘Does anyone really think we can defeat Russia’s military?’

The League’s position is more in line with the position taken by conservative leaders such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and Herbert Kickl, leader of the Austrian Freedom Party (FPÖ). Meloni has also come under increasing scrutiny from conservatives since her election victory, particularly given her lax approach to immigration.

Le Pen also hinted that she has plans to run for reelection in 2027. ‘Today I am the natural candidate of my political family, but not a candidate for life,’ she said. However, in the short term, she also has an ambitious goal, which involves forming a bloc of sovereigntists in the European Parliament following elections in the spring of 2024. She hopes this group can form to tackle essential issues, such as immigration and believes this group could become the largest in the European Parliament.

Given the position of Meloni, Le Pen said she ‘can only seek an Italian side in the League’ when it comes to allying with an Italian party in the European Parliament. PLEASE SHARE OUR STORIES.

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