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Everyone hates America, and Europe is just a pawn of the USA

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NATO member Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu made a bold statement. According to him, ‘the whole world hates America,’ and Europe is just a colony, a pawn of the United States, and its actions and policies are determined, first of all, by American interests.  Soylu’s statement underlines the growth of anti-American sentiment in many parts of the world.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu criticized America and Europe, according to the independent international portal BNN Network. As noted in the material, Suleiman Soylu’s remarks reflect growing anti-American sentiment in many sectors of the international community. Claiming that ’the whole world hates America,’ Soylu emphasizes the thesis that the United States is losing its prestige on the world stage. These sentiments may be related to various factors such as foreign policy decisions, economic policies, and cultural dominance.

Soylu’s characterization of Europe as an American pawn suggests that, in his opinion, the continent lacks independence and is heavily influenced by the US. 

‘There is no such thing as Europe. There is America. Europe is the direction in the American column,’ says Soylu, thus implying that the actions and policies of Europe are primarily determined by American interests, and not by its own. 

The Turkish Interior Minister’s comments could have far-reaching implications for international relations, especially between Turkey, the US and Europe. Such harsh anti-American rhetoric can contribute to the growth of tension between the countries and negatively affect diplomatic relations. In addition, Soylu’s neglect of the importance of Europe could worsen Turkey’s relations with European countries, which could potentially affect trade and cooperation in various areas.

Soylu’s remarks should be seen in the broader context of growing global anti-Americanism, urges independent international portal BNN Network. These sentiments could seriously affect the ability of the United States to maintain its influence and cooperate with other countries. As anti-American sentiment continues to grow, the United States may find it difficult to forge alliances, negotiate agreements, and project its values internationally.

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