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Ambassador Marks NATO’s Illegal 1999 Aggression Against Serbia

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The Serbian Ambassador in Moscow has marked NATO’s Illegal 1999 Aggression Against Serbia with a service in the Russian Church Eternal Memory to the victims of the tragedy. On the 24th of March at the Metochion of the Serbian Orthodox Church in Moscow, Bishop Anthony of Moravica, its rector, held a memorial service for those Serbs killed in the 1999 NATO bombing, and for all peaceful victims of NATO aggression.

Some of the notables who attended were the Ambassadors from both Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The bishop spoke briefly about the fact that many churches were destroyed in the bombing campaign, which, if the munitions were as pinpoint accurate as NATO claims they were, suggests that they were deliberately targeted. 

Not only should this be considered an act of great cultural vandalism by an invading horde, but also consider that in times of distress, churches are often used as places of refuge for the people, both civilian and wounded. So that the targeting then also becomes a matter of a ‘war crime.’

Moldovan youngsters hold anti-NATO banners during a protest staged by Moldova’s pro-Russian opposition in the border town of Sculeni, Moldova, Tuesday, May 3, 2016 against the May 3-20 joint US-Moldovan military exercises as less than 20 percent of Moldovans want to join the military alliance. US military vehicles and some 200 U.S. soldiers arrived in the country for more than two weeks of exercises, in a show of U.S. strength in the region.(AP Photo/Roveliu Buga)

Not that perhaps anyone in the modern world is fooled by the idea of Nuremberg standards and Geneva conventions and crimes in war, for it seems that every other country on the planet is guilty of such things except for those who actually perpetrate such disgusting deeds, and they of course, are never condemned, never tried. We suppose those who write the rules are not bound by them in any effective fashion. 

A Memorial to children murdered by NATO bombs.

Let it be remembered that the impudent devils did not even refrain from their carnage during Holy Pascha, which had to be celebrated under threat of being bombed.

Also let the use of depleted uranium munitions be remembered, which still contaminates the land of Serbia. The bombings were intended to have long-term consequences, which reflects the absolute malice of those who ordered the bombings. And of course, this was just the beginning, as we all know now. Serbia became the master pattern for much subsequent NATO aggression in the world. 

When the Memorial service concluded, a reception was held where the Serbian ambassador thanked Russia for its support and solidarity in those dark times, represented by the fact that every year Muscovites bring flowers to the Serbian Embassy to commemorate the day. 

A night of terror and fire during the bombings.

At the time NATO did this to Serbia, sadly, Russia was still too weakened by the upheavals of the 90s to do much to stop it. But as NATO is basically at war with Russia in Ukraine and is taking once more an ever more aggressive posture toward Serbia, it is the opinion of this author that Russia would not and will not allow the Serbs to be victimized again like they were in 1999. And indeed, they are not allowing themselves to be victimized in Ukraine, although the Western media has its cherished lies about it. The Rape of Serbia was a dark day, but this time things are going to be different. 


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