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Crisis of mistrust – half of the Swedish Air Force fighter pilots intend to leave the service

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Sweden and much of NATO is facing a growing shortage of fighter pilots, according to Dagens Nyheter. Due to working conditions, half of the military pilots are going to go on training leave this fall. According to the military pilot advocacy organization, their salaries are much lower than those of their counterparts in other departments.

Sweden’s defence budget will double by 2025 compared to 2014. As the country is arming, military aviation is facing a shortage of personnel due to a shortage of fighter pilots.

 The publication recalls that last fall, about 30 people out of about a hundred Swedish fighter pilots took academic leave. Among other things, they were unhappy that their retirement age had been raised from 55 to 67 without any compensation. 

Although conditions for military personnel’s retirement have been improved, the situation has not changed. Pilots’ advocacy chairman Per-Martin Sternevy last week sent a letter to Swedish Defence Minister Paul Jonsson stating a growing negative trend in recruitment as the number of pilots who have announced their intention to temporarily leave the service and go to study in this in autumn, it exceeded 40 people. 

Sternevi says that inflation and electricity prices have forced several fighter pilots who were full-time students last fall to return to work this spring. 

According to him, if you count them together with the rest, then this fall about 50 pilots will go on training leave. Sternevi said the Swedish Armed Forces’ inability to deal with fighter pilots’ dissatisfaction had led to a terrible crisis of confidence that had already spread to helicopter and transport pilots. He notes that there is a big difference in the wages of pilots in the Armed Forces and their colleagues in the coast guard and maritime administration in Sweden.

The pilots’ advocacy organization is convinced that the shortage of pilots will have serious consequences for flight safety. In addition, the Swedish Armed Forces flight school in Linköping has suspended all work on the introduction of the new SK40 training aircraft due to the high workload on staff.

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