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Shocking viral videos from Europe highlight growing everyday violence brought on by the migration crisis

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Major crimes may make the headlines, but these two videos highlight how commonplace anti-social behaviour often has the most widespread and negative effect on European society.

Two videos circulating on social media, one involving youths attacking an elderly Dutch man walking his dog and the other featuring foreigners attacking a grandmother’s car and urinating on the street in Germany, reveal some of the commonplace, everyday violence and anti-social behaviour mass migration has brought to Europe.

Veteran White activist Michael Walsh, who in 1979 received 6 x 4-month prison sentences for accurately predicting Europe’s fate says: ‘I said then that the day will come when ordinary citizens will cheers to see a battalion of Hitler’s Stormtroopers coming to their rescue: that time is now.’ 

In the first video, which went viral on Twitter this week and was filmed in the Netherlands, a group of Black youths, between the ages of 13 and 15, are filmed attacking an elderly White man and his dog, including trying to kick both victims. The video, which showcases the teens laughing, shocked the Netherlands and has already been seen over 2 million times. The teens were arrested by police shortly after the incident, which took place in Pijnacker, southeast of The Hague

‘Filthy multicultural scum, my blood is boiling, pick them up and get them OUT OF OUR COUNTRY!’ wrote Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV).

The mayor of the town, Björn Lugthart, was shocked at the clip. ‘The behaviour of these young people is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The police intervened immediately, and three suspects have since been arrested. That young people attack and mistreat people and then also proudly film it, I can’t understand it,’ he said.

In another video, filmed from an undisclosed location in Germany, a grandma films two Black males outside her car, with one attacking her vehicle and screaming at her, and the other urinating on the street.

The video, posted by Georg Pazderski, a former politician for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, wrote, ‘What has happened to this country that we tolerate such an aggressive and neglected rabble that doesn’t even respect women and children?’

The video starts with one of the Black men smacking the woman’s car window. The grandma says, ‘Terrible,’ and the little girl in the car then says, ‘He’s peeing there!’ The video shows one of the men urinating on a recycling container.

It is unclear what the youth is saying, but he gives the grandma the middle finger and continues banging on her car window. The little girl in the car says, ‘Look, he has his pants down,’ to which the elderly woman replies, ‘Yeah, look he will lose them soon.’

The man then begins throwing rocks at her car and kicks it, to which the woman says, ‘Look, he’s throwing them.’ The little girl says, ‘I am scared, grandma!’

Although the videos do not show serious assaults, they highlight growing lawlessness and anti-social behaviour in Europe and highlight a growing deterioration in security.

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  1. The Jews have turned the Western nations into open air gulags.  Gulag nations.  No need for special camps anymore.  The murderers, thieves, and gangsters rule the streets and they are heavily armed and sanctioned by the government.  The Jews did it to Russia.  Now they’re doing it to the West.

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