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(Farewell Western Man)

We are the nation of the downcast eye,

We guard our thoughts and tongue.

Ours is the sad and sullen tribe,

For we know that the trap has sprung.


We know full well though we dare not tell,

That we live by the rulers’ creed,

He will dull the blade and relax the rein,

As he curbs and will mix our seed.


We are the folk who are chained by law,

It’s the curb for the men who could,

And we always note that the sweet refrain,

Will be claimed for the common good?


Ours is the lot that may come and go,

We are free ~ so our rulers say.

We break our hearts for it’s not the same,

We plod in our feet of clay.


You may hear our laugh but it’s not like yours,

It is dulled by the cynic’s thought.

And the smile is not in the eyes you see,

It is fixed by the victor’s court.


We are the tribe of the fettered tongue,

And our mirror minds will tell,

Of the rulers’ view that it’s good for you,

And we find that they pay us well.


So, the young who spring from the loins of men,

Of the nation of the downcast eye,

Are the slaves to another thought and whim

But they live only when they die.


Michael Walsh Poetry 1983

Banned by Amazon

Michael Walsh


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