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France’s patriotic revolution that heralds the coming Springtime of the Peoples of Europe

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Jordan Bardella now leads the National Rally party from Marine Le Pen, who stood aside to become the party’s parliamentary leader. The 28-year-old revolutionary spoke of France leading a new conservative revolution: ‘In past history, France has always set an example and made its revolution first. I think that the time of the patriots has come in France.’

Jordan Bardella, leader of the National Rally, speaks at CPAC Hungary.

Q: Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, you are smeared as being pro-Russian?

A: I project and defend the interests of France. I am attending to engage with all the conservative anti-migrant representatives of political parties and others from Europe and elsewhere in the world. I believe that we fight the same battle and that we must be able to work, at least on our continent, on this Europe of Nations and cooperation between states, which we are calling for.

Q: Does this mean that you define yourself as a conservative party?

We defend the aspiration to sovereignty, and I think that we appear today as the guardians of the limits in the face of a wild, unbridled, unlimited, ultra-liberal globalization, in the face of the loss of our identity due to demographics evolving with the successive waves of migration.

Q: What are the manifestations of this woke ideology in France?

A: It is an Americanization of the threats weighing on us since wokeism, through the modification of our language, the promotion of the Islamic veil in EU institutions, the suppression of our borders, through the will to destroy our statues and to stop teaching some parts of French history. The woke cancel culture can be seen in the daily life of the French, especially in our school books, and this is why I believe it is important to talk about it.

Q: Can we say that the National Rally is today the main political bulwark against wokeism in France?

A: I believe that it is the main movement that proudly assumes and claims the French identity, the belonging to a common civilization called Europe, and the necessity to preserve the existence of Europe’s nations when the European Union is trying to build itself in denial of those nations.

Q: Why is it that wokeism, which manifests itself in this pro-mass immigration and pro-LGBT rights ideology, and which also manifests itself has dominated the EU institutions? Do you think this trend can be reversed?

A: This comes from an intellectual, cultural, elitist and political movement that dominated our institutions for almost 30 years which is a weapon of deconstruction of our values, of our identity and of all the bases that protect citizens today, starting with the family.

Being here in Hungary is all the more symbolic because Hungarians have elected a patriotic government that defends the interests of its people, that proudly assumes its identity, which it seeks to transmit faithfully. And to be here is also to be alongside people who have paved the way for this springtime of the peoples that we ourselves wish to bring about from within each of our countries.

Q: But then, if France is governed by the National Rally, one can suppose it will suffer EU sanctions that will deprive it of EU funds?

A: If France has a patriotic government, which defends the interests of the peoples and the nations, I believe that this will not have the same impact as for another country. France will have enough diplomatic weight to give impetus to this new direction that we want, which would reflect the will of the people of Europe.

And we are not alone, because actors expressing similar views are emerging all over the continent, from Italy to Austria, Flanders, Hungary, and Poland.

Q: You spoke of your hope for a first-time victory for the conservative, anti-woke camp in the elections to the European Parliament in 2024. What has changed that gives you more reasons for hope this time?

A: We have been witnessing an uninterrupted rise of all patriotic forces on the entire European continent. In June 2022, we ourselves succeeded in putting the supporters of woke ideology in the minority, preventing Emmanuel Macron from obtaining a majority in the French National Assembly. We have the ambition to do the same in the European Parliament in 2024.

We have allies for this, with two powerful groups in the European Parliament, the European Conservatives and Reformists as well as Identity and Democracy. In any case, I believe in pooling electorates, and I want the National Rally to be this platform, gathering around it all the lovers of France, wherever they come from and whatever their past choices were.


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