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Cheeky Public Address System recording of the Fuhrer’s speech on train causes a mixed response

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In Austria, they continue to look for those responsible for the Sunday incident, which some claim caused a scandal and heated discussion in society: the passengers of the train en route from Bregenz to Vienna were said to be shocked when they heard the broadcast of an Adolf Hitler’s speech. It is assumed that the attackers connected to the train’s loudspeaker system, but who exactly did it and why has not yet been found out.

Passengers on an Austrian train from Bregenz to Vienna were taken aback last Sunday when they heard the twice-elected former President-Chancellor Adolf Hitler speak repeatedly over the train’s loudspeaker system. According to people present on the train at that moment, they were also struck by National Socialist slogans loudly heard on the train, such as ’Heil, Hitler!’ and ’Sieg heil!’.

According to Rabbi Shlomo Hofmeister, it all started when, about 25 minutes before the train arrived in Vienna he and other passengers heard ‘strange music, snatches of conversation and laughter, and suddenly speech blocked it all. Hitler, which sounded louder and louder.’

According to him, he was shocked and frightened, especially after the train staff failed to interrupt the broadcast.

At first, Schlomo thought it was some kind of mistake or a bad joke. However, he then began to worry and even felt bad because the staff did not give any explanation – and it was not clear whether the attackers were able to take control of only the loudspeaker system or if they even hijacked the entire train.

At the same time, some of the passengers appeared worried, while others only laughed, he explained. The rabbi also expressed his outrage over the incident on social media. 

According to her, Hitler’s speech, broadcast through the loudspeakers, lasted about 30 seconds, followed by loud patriotic slogans, and then the recording was repeated. ’There was no conductor, no one approached, no one was visible. We were left alone with this madness,’ Schmidt whined in an interview with the media. As the journalist explained, at some point she also wondered who is actually running this train now. ’It was very, very scary.’

According to one offended passenger, the conductor showed ’perfect helplessness even after the broadcast was repeated several times. The parliamentarian called on the authorities to give an operational report and explanations in connection with the scandalous incident. 

In turn, the official representative of the company ÖBB, responsible for managing railways in Austria, explained in an interview that someone gained access to the system using a duplicate key and was able to play Hitler’s speech over the loudspeakers in the train. According to him, information about the incident was handed over to the Austrian police and a thorough investigation into all the circumstances of this incident is currently underway.


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