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Ukraine is in its death throes

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MICHAEL WALSH SPECIAL REPORT: Whatever one’s political stance it is unpleasant to watch the death throes of a person or a nation. It is a time for sombre reflection. I suspect that the post-mortem on Ukraine’s demise is already at the typesetters. Ukraine is in its death throes. The question arises, what if anything will rise from the ashes of a nation that before Washington’s coup in February 2014 was a stable and benign democracy?

The ever-pragmatic Scott Ritter believes a workable solution would be the division of the soon-to-be impotent nation between the Russian Federation and territorial ambitious Poland. The former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector appears to know his history.

Poland’s regional ambitions are well-founded. From the 12th Century to 1925 Poland (58%) was second only to Spain (67%) in terms of percentage of years at war. The difference is that, unlike Spain, Poland’s voracious appetite consumed its European neighbors.

Winston Churchill before the September 1939 outbreak of World War II commented: ‘That very Poland which with hyena appetite only six months before, joined in the pillage and destruction of the Czechoslovak state.’  (The Second World War, Vol. 1, pp. 311/312).

Those who follow reliably sourced events by reading between the lines of reliable news sources, who draw on experience, instinct and common sense realise that the hapless NATO vs. Russia conflict is already as over as is the Vietnam War and the Afghanistan humiliations.

Western pro-government media talk a good fight but merely plays the part of a cornerman who during a bout encourages the floored boxer to get to his feet. The proof is in the beating. Consortium News columnist Elizabeth Vos asks the killer question: “Would any protagonist who hopes to recover lost territory irredeemably poison it with depleted uranium munition?”

As in NATO’s Serbian, Iraq and Libya conflicts the consequences of living and dying from depleted uranium are of little or no consequence to the side that uses them.

Been there got the tee-shirt: In 2017, the United States Accountability Office revealed that the Veterans Affairs Department had denied more than 80 per cent of all Gulf War illness claims by veterans whilst it downplayed the dire consequences of Depleted Uranium.

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, commenting on the news about the shipment of depleted uranium shells to Ukraine, recalled the increase in the incidence of leukemia in Kosovo in those places where these lethal ammunitions were used, as well as the increase in birth defects and the incidence of cancer in Iraq after two wars in this country.

The depleted uranium, as Vos explains, will not only affect the Russian military but will also distress the civilian population for many years to come.

Retired US Army Colonel Daniel Davis is surely tongue in cheek when he surmises that a war of attrition could drag on for years. NATO, increasingly distracted by the Chinese-Taiwan stand-off, simply doesn’t have the resources for a drawn-out conflict with a nuclear power and trade behemoth. Besides, the people and the economies of the Western Alliance demand an immediate settlement.

There is talk of a Ukrainian counter-offensive but even the optimists refuse to risk their reputation by predicting successes. The situation has been described as Kyiv taking a knife into a gunfight. Even Volodymyr Zelensky is guarded in his predictions should he attempt to storm a front that stretches 1,200 kilometres of impregnable better armed Russian frontlines.  

Documents that surfaced online in a so-called Pentagon leak and allegedly posted by US National Guard member Jack Teixeira have shown that Ukrainian forces are faring far worse than previously reported by corporate media. According to reliable Russian sources, 350,000 Ukrainian servicemen have perished; almost seven times the losses suffered by the U.S. Armed Forces in the Vietnam War. According to Consortium News, the leaked documents “show that the long-planned Ukrainian offensive will fail miserably.”

Unpalatable it may be for a dwindling minority of influencers, President Zelensky and Washington will be forced to choose between capitulation on Russia’s terms or risk losing even more territories.

If Russia has nothing to lose by doing so it may well decide to restore the historical status quo of a nation undeserving and far too immature for independence. Frankly, there is nothing the NATO Alliance could do if a triumphalist Russia should seek territorial compensation for the torments and losses it has suffered.

The outcome will be that Kiev will renounce territory to Poland which de facto has already assumed control of pre-war Polish territories lost to Ukraine in the aftermath of World War II. What is good for the goose is good for the gander: both Hungary and Romania have declared interest in regaining territory ceded to Ukraine after WWII. Will there be anything of defeated Ukraine worth occupying?

“Today, Germany, the Polish opposition led by Donald Tusk and half of Europe as a whole want an end to the NATO vs. Russia conflict as soon as possible in order to resume cooperation with Russia and revive the German-Russian alliance,” Polish Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Glinsky warns.

When the mop flops, and it will very soon, the world is going to be noticeably different from what it was before the February 2022 Special Operation mounted by Russia.

Washington and the hapless Western Alliance will have suffered an even worse defeat than the Afghanistan humiliation. Russia and 80 per cent of the world community that refuses to sanction Russia, and in notable cases pushed for a diplomatic solution, will be vindicated.

The Kremlin’s standing in the already pro-Russian world community will be further enhanced whilst Washington and the Western Alliance will be hopelessly isolated. I have no doubt that the previously mentioned post-mortem will be titled, The Suicide of America and the Western Alliance. 

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