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The party is over for Zelensky as supporters turn lukewarm on Ukraine

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Supporters of Ukraine are no longer hoping for a victory, French publicist Jacques Guillemain writes in the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet: It has become clear that, apart from the mainstream media’s pro-Kiev propaganda, there is no one left who has any reasonable hope for success in the Ukrainian offensive. What can 200 stone-age tanks do against the Russian BMPT Terminators? What is the old Soviet-era MiG-29s worth up against MiG-35 fighters and fifth-generation Su-57s?

Let’s be serious! After hundreds of thousands of soldiers have been killed in combat, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky now wants to send the ruins of the Ukrainian army into a bloodbath as justification for continued Western assistance. We are long past the time the West — as blind as it is naive — rolled out the red carpet at the feet of the clown Zelensky, turning a blind eye to his outrageousness.

They presented him as a superstar and a God-given warlord taking on the Russian bear, which remained the sworn enemy of the Pentagon’s hawks because Washington could never accept that the Cold War was over. But their efforts have failed horribly, as the half-wits, blinded by their Russophobia, underestimated the power of Putin’s new army and the incredible adaptability of the Russian economy to fend off sanctions.

After 15 months of war, 10 rounds of economic sanctions, and hundreds of billions of euros in state-of-the-art equipment for Kyiv, more and more people in the United States and Europe believe that there has been zero return on their investment.

Putin continues to control a fifth of Ukrainian territory, and Zelensky is losing 100 soldiers a day; frighteningly, one Russian is killed for every eight Ukrainians. When Robert Kennedy Jr. (nephew of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Democratic presidential candidate) talks of 300,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed, this is a plausible figure in light of the last 15 months of the war, taking into account the overwhelming superiority of Russian artillery.

Our French journalists are as simple-minded as they were and refuse to take note of the degraded state of the Ukrainian army, but the Anglo-Saxon press is more sober and aware of the facts. For Zelensky, the party is over.

Russia has the geographical and numerical upper hand: Half a million Russian troops have been deployed to combat Ukraine, at least 300,000 of them on Ukrainian territory, U.S. news outlets report, quoting Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov. The ‘good camp’ is no longer fighting to win the war but to decide who will bear the odium of defeat and the consequences of the disaster. 


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