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Liverpool born poet and writer Michael Walsh traces his Liverpool roots back to 1865. This was the year his Irish great-grandmother arrived in the Second City of Empire. His parents were born at the turn of what was to become the most tumultuous century in history. Michael's father, Patrick, fought in three major conflicts before reaching his fortieth birthday. His mother, Kathleen, was a former nun turned gun-running renegade.
On leaving school at 15 years of age, Michael spent 12 weeks at the Merchant Navy School for Sailors in Sharpness, Gloucestershire. During his years at sea, he was to visit and work in over 60 countries.
The journalist and broadcaster since provided articles and columns for numerous magazines and international news media. In 2011 he was awarded Writer of the Year by the publishers of Euro Weekly News, Europe's highest-circulation newspaper of its kind. He has authored, edited and ghosted over 70 book titles.

Living the Nightmare is here or on its way to your country

QUARANTINE HOTEL (NORWAY): Upon arrival at passport control, there is a selection: of good and bad ones. The bad are unvaccinated or vaccinated, but not in Norway. If suddenly you’ve been sick with coronavirus in the last six months, but not in Norway, you’re also bad. The bad should follow this way to the quarantine hotel and unless they are migrants at their own expense, of course.