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Nigeria Premier shows the White West how to deal with Silicone Valley Bolsheviks

Twitter is very concerned after its platform was kicked out of Nigeria, Africa’s most prosperous country. In an amazing display of Chutzpah, Twitter notorious for blocking users for being politically off-message is calling the free and open internet an ‘essential human right.’ Back in the US, commentators pointed out, Twitter itself doesn’t care much about this ‘right.’


An explosive book now published for the first time ever exposes the reality behind the West’s alliance with the Soviet Union to overthrow the Rhodesian and South African government. We asked the author why he had published this damning exposé.

Meet France’s Mister Nasty

Roger Faulques was born in France on 14 December 1924, and he joined the French Resistance in 1944 during World War II. He served in the French 1st Army as a corporal, fighting in the last battles of the war and received the Croix de Guerre medal.


Born in 1929, Belgian national Jean Schramme had little need to travel to the Congo Republic. As manager of a vast estate in the Belgian Congo, Schramme was already a Congo national during the Congo Crisis (1960 – 1965). The setting to his contribution was the scene of the unrest following the breakaway of mineral-rich Katanga and Kasai Provinces.