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Mealworms and crickets are recognized as fit for human consumption in Europe

The European Union has approved eating insects. So far, mealworms and crickets have been allowed to be sold, according to Firstpost, but eight more options remain under consideration. The EU’s unelected two presidents and its 27 steak-eating unelected commissioners said that this decision ‘will have a positive impact on the environment, the health of citizens and the economic situation.’


The curse of mankind is unquestioned acceptance of one’s enslavement. Throughout history, humans use fellow humans to war on their foes. Wage slaves in debt to banks and taxed 50 per cent of their earnings are used to make products or manage services, to sell at a profit or to serve the profiteering elite.

Putin says Germany is still a WWII Occupied Country

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that American troops in Germany legally remain occupation forces under a Washington-imposed Constitution and vetted government. At the same time, he stressed that the USSR stopped the occupation of the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), which it occupied during the division of Germany into four sectors.

Terrible Stories: British health workers spoke about the collapse of the healthcare system

The UK National Health System (NHS) is going through hard times, according to France 24. According to doctors, patients taken to hospitals sometimes have to wait 10-12 hours for an appointment. Sanctions Blowback: The French channel notes that the UK has already begun to be overwhelmed by a wave of strikes by medical workers, dissatisfied with the huge workload and low wages. Steve has been an ambulance driver in London for 27 years.