You can shove your coronation up your arse

Liverpool fans boo national anthem on coronation day: The club played ‘God Save the King’ at the Premier League’s request, but knew the crowd would react poorly. Liverpool fans loudly booed the national anthem ahead of their Premier League clash with Brentford on Saturday, drowning out ‘God Save the King’ with chants of ’Liverpool.’ While the UK celebrated the coronation of King Charles III, Liverpool fans have been vocal about their disrespect for the monarchy.

Mass round-up of anti-Monarchists in London (VIDEO)

Police claim the Republican demonstrators were conspiring to cause a public nuisance. State cops and police agents arrested a number of anti-monarchy demonstrators and seized protest placards ahead of the coronation of King Charles III on Saturday. The protesters say they want to be able to choose their head of state by referendum.


The recently disclosed Epstein’s private calendar reveals planned meetings with Obama admin official, CIA chief. Jeffrey Epstein’s newly-revealed private calendar showed scheduled meetings with the current CIA director, a college president and one of Washington’s top attorneys who served in the Obama administration, according to a report published Sunday.

75% of unaccompanied minors arrested in Paris are from North Africa

In 2019, there were nearly 17,000 unaccompanied minors: During 2019 and 2020, 75 per cent of all migrant minors arrested in Paris, France, were from just three North African countries. After seven months of hearings, deputies Jean-François Eliaou and Antoine Savignat presented on Wednesday, March 10, the report of the parliamentary information mission on security issues related to the presence of unaccompanied minors in the territory created by the National Assembly’s Law Commission.