Kangaroo Trials to be held in Sydney

Kangaroo Trials will start in Sydney, Australia from Monday after tens of thousands demonstrated against government repression. Multiple people were arrested and dozens charged with offenses. Up to 100,000 of anti-lockdown activists marched through major Australian cities on Saturday, following an extension of Covid-19 restrictions.

The Sacking of Defeated Germany

Only now can the story break through the media’s censorhip of real history: “The sacking of Germany after her unconditional surrender will go down in history as one of the most monstrous acts of modern times.  Its excess beggars description and its magnitude defy condemnation.” ~ Ralph F. Keeling, Gruesome Harvest; 1947. The Institute of American Economics.

Covid Passports for Sale

As the world has opened up in the wake of the media-driven highly profitable Covid pandemic, those wanting to travel by air have increasingly been asked to provide proof of full vaccination, a recent negative Covid test or evidence of recovery from the virus. The EU has set up a member-state scheme to allow those with such documentation to move more freely; in certain countries, full vaccination removes the requirement to quarantine on arrival and/or returning home.


In addition to the 1922 illegal annexation of West Prussia, Silesia and Poznan, and Danzig blockade, Poland, until the outbreak of war, was guilty of repeated anti-German pogroms, provocations, pillage and border violations. Germany’s response to Poland’s attacks on their frontiers on September 1939 was known as the Defensive War in Germany.