Michael Walsh is fluent in all genres of topics but says that he would prefer to be remembered for his verse. The poet has earned glowing tributes from all over the world and from every social class.

He says, “Traditional verse is not unpopular. Fake and pretentious poetry that makes neither rhyme nor reason is unpopular. Just as degenerate art was foisted on the public as chic so poetry was degraded.”

Michael was encouraged after having tested the public taste for real poetry in his home city of Liverpool Michael. In 1999, Michael published 2,000 copies of A Sea Veneer of Merseyside, a collection of poetry relating to Liverpool and his sea experiences. A Sea Veneer completely sold out in several weeks. He followed up with Believing of Liverpool and published 3,000 copies which too sold out in a very short period.


When after fifteen-minutes,

I haven’t breathed at all,

It’s best to snuff the candle out,

I answered Final Call;

No need to get upset, dear,

For souls can never cease,

You know we’re still together,

And for sure I’m now at peace.

When, after fifteen-hours,

You’re wondering what is now,

The tears are often coming,

And heavy hangs your brow,

You’ll find my words of comfort,

Behind the mourner’s hearse,

My poems are always with you,

And my love’s in every verse.

When after fifteen-days, dear,

Though past has never fled,

It’s time perhaps to better think,

Of good times still ahead,

To live in hearts you leave behind,

Is not to die but live,

With memories I leave behind,

There’s still so much to give.

When fifteen-years elapses,

I’m still a passing thought,

I hope my life and passing was,

A lesson fondly taught,

Then you will know the path to me,

And all you ever knew,

In garden bower where once we met,

Is where I wait for you.

Michael Walsh

The point had been made; a real verse that mirrors real lives and experiences is as popular now as it has been through the ages.

KNOWN BY THE COMPANY YOU KEEP Born into a literary family, Michael Walsh is one of the world’s most loved lyricists.