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Which part of Nein don’t migrant and liberals not understand

Over 230,000 foreigners in Germany are ordered to be deported but are allowed to remain under ‘tolerated resident’ status. In the first half of 2021, security authorities in Saxony initiated investigations into around 2,500 criminal offences committed by foreigners, including a number of serious ones, even though these aliens had already been ordered to leave Germany but have been allowed to remain under ‘tolerated’ status.

Westminster Regime bankrolls and protects violent Jihadists

BREAKING NEWS: A former Afghan interpreter who once worked with ex-UK Prime Minister David Cameron has been repeatedly denied sanctuary in Britain, preventing him from being rescued from the Taliban, a retired senior British officer has warned, according to the Daily Mail.

A British jihadi bride who lost an arm in an airstrike is living in a £500,000 council house and has been fitted with a prosthetic limb, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Samia Hussein was injured when coalition forces launched an attack on a weapons store next to her home in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which was under the control of Islamic State.

The strategy is to wake up. The sleepers need to wake up

OVER 600 ARRESTED IN BERLIN by Anti-Repression citizens. Berlin witnessed chaotic scenes and violent brawls on Sunday as State Police, notorious for protecting the political elite, fought viciously to forcefully disperse anti-lockdown rallies that had been banned by authorities, after thousands took to the streets of the German capital.