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Every third German believes that they live in a Fake Democracy

Are the sanction impoverished Germans waking up to reality? The last constitutional with international recognition was Hitler’s National Socialist administration. However, in May 1945, the Allies arrested, hanged or imprisoned the nation’s elected parliamentarians. In place of the valid constitution, a ‘constitution’ drawn up by Washington was put in place. As former President Obama pointed out, ‘Germany is an occupied country.’

For once a legal decision that isn’t Queer

Paivi Maria Rasanen was accused of inciting homophobia due to quoting the Bible and stating that marriage was a union between man and woman. A Helsinki court has dismissed all charges against former Finnish minister Paivi Rasanen and Lutheran bishop Juhan Pohjoli in a trial portrayed as a major litmus test for freedom of speech that garnered international attention.

The Cancerous Growth of Lawlessness Sweeping France

The vilified realists dubbed far-right’ and ‘neo-Nazis’ by mainstream media are again and again proved right. Approximately 6 per cent of the French population now resides in lawless neighbourhoods outside the sphere and control of civilized society, a former head of France’s intelligence service reveals.