Tag: Attacks against churches

The European Union goes for broke literally

Consumer prices jumped 5.1 per cent from January 2021 and up from 5 per cent in December. What you purchase for €100 in December now costs hard-pressed repression-prone citizens €105.10. Inflation data from Germany and France fuelled expectations of a shift from the ECB, while analysts have updated their forecast for eurozone inflation for January.

Wake up to the War on Whites

The war on whites, the great reset of cultures and population replacement is no longer hidden, it is blatant. The question is, how much longer will Whites allow their faces to be slapped by their anti-White foes whilst turning the other cheek?  Perhaps the parents of children born in Britain and Europe are prepared to present their youngsters’ faces to be slapped repeatedly too? It appears to be that way.

Saints are rarely found in Cassocks

MICHAEL WALSH OP-ED: Far from being an atheist I bend my knee to the spirit of Our Lord and I am otherwise of spiritual nature. Perhaps it is, for this reason, I am bemused to see the holy Cross atop churches and everywhere inside. For what and why are these places called churches?