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Learning from History but Idiots never do

How true the advice of Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821): ‘He who his first hits twice.’ Now the sweet irony: Russia has done precisely what Germany did in June 1941. Back then, to frustrate a Soviet attack on Germany and the Reich’s allies to the East, Germany pre-emptively struck the American-sponsored Soviet Union. The USSR had been given the go-ahead to overwhelm Europe by Roosevelt’s blank cheque (Lend-Lease Plan).

The Killing Fields of Africa + Free Download Book

European de-colonisation of Africa is viewed as the price paid for the transfer of power from White to Black rule. The concept of African independence was a massive deception on a par with that of the so-called Russian Revolution, which was nothing of the kind either. Both regime changes transferred power not to the masses but to a global banking and corporate elite. This is easily achieved when the ground is prepared.

Tit-for-Tat is a game that two can play

A senior Russian lawmaker has revived discussion about how Russia could level the playing field by basing Russian military equipment close to the United States to balance out NATO forces positioned near Russia’s borders despite promises made on March 6, 1991according to documents published in Der Spiegel (The Mirror) today.

Can Europe Survive brazen NATO liars at its Defensive Helm

A document confirms US told Russia NATO won’t expand. Russian President Vladimir Putin was right, NATO head Stoltenberg lied: NATO brazenly deceived Russia about NATO expansion. A newly discovered document from March 1991 shows US, UK, French, and German officials discussing a pledge made to Russia that NATO will not expand to Poland and beyond. Its publication by the German magazine Der Spiegel on Friday unarguably proves Moscow right and NATO wrong on the matter.