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Peoples of Australia send Distress Call out to the World

A horror story so nightmarish that it defies experience and even imagination has unfolded cross the former penal colony Australia. Monica representing Reignite Democracy Australia has sent out an SOS across the world to draw attention to the plight of Australians of all ethnicities trapped in a terrifying dystopian world run by a number of Commander Blofeld characters.

An Australian horror story that will soon be your story

The Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, has just tabled legislation in parliament which is possibly the most monstrous ever introduced into a country calling itself democratic. Basically, it gives Andrews the power to do whatever he wants and whenever he wants it. He has been turning Victoria into a police state for the past year and a half but behind the bland face and earnest manner, the legislation openly stamps him as a totalitarian psychopath.

To Europe Renaissance Fans from Australia

OUR CORRESPONDENT IN MELBOURNE: Yes, well done those men and women who got out and protested. The new pandemic management bill that is in the Victorian parliament at the moment proves the point that you made so well on our state Premier Minister I heard on your radio show today. We are living in a managed democracy; otherwise known as a dictatorship.