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Why would Russia attack Europe when it is doing such a good job of attacking itself.

Just whose side is the EU and Washington on? Why would Russia have any interest in attacking Europe when the EU and US are doing such a good job of attacking themselves. After oil and gas, cereals and some metals, German industry is now warning that another imminent shortage is looming: that of soot, or as the tire industry more elegantly calls it, ‘carbon black.’

Support for Washington’s Foreign Policy Crashes the UK Economy

The sharp rise in the price of oil as a result of the imposition of sanctions against Russia could turn out to be the most severe economic consequence for the United Kingdom, which will surpass even the effect of the 1973 oil crisis in scale, writes the Daily Mail. According to the world’s most-read media, several British politicians came to this conclusion at once, who urge the authorities to take measures, in particular, refuse to raise taxes.

Germany has two options Bad and Very Bad says Economist

For the West, and especially for Germany, there are two options for further developments: bad and very bad, says economics expert Daniel Stelter. If a boycott of Russian oil and gas is introduced, Germany will simultaneously endure further price increases and a stagnant economy. In addition, we should expect problems in the food sector and, possibly, a new wave of refugees, he warns in an interview with the German Focus magazine.

Trotsky’s White Negroes + Free Dowload Book

As far back as I recall I was under the illusion that the United States was an avowed opponent of Communist Russia. In my innocence, I also believed in the holocaust, war victors’ propaganda and Santa Claus. Being one of George Bernard Shaw’s 2% of the people who actually think for themselves each fantasy bit the dust when placed under a little critical analysis.

The Price of Backing Biden is going ballistic

In France and throughout the European Union, consumers have begun stockpiling liquid fuels and non-perishable food as they fear that the Clash between the Western powers and Russia in Ukraine will keep oil and food prices rising. Both are connected. Unexpectedly high demand this time of year has led to problems for suppliers, who may have to limit the sale of fuel.

Russians can’t fight for laughing

Der Spiegel March 4: hundreds of Strela missiles that Germany intends to supply to Ukraine have already failed. A significant part of the Strela missiles that the German regime intends to supply to Ukraine are no longer usable, writes Der Spiegel. 

Audacity to Rival the Reich as Russia Returns to Gold Standard

The Russian Government is set to Remove VAT (Tax) on Bullion. This bill will be submitted to the State Duma on March 4. Hal Turner Editorial Remarks: ‘In one fell swoop, Russia just made the Russian Rouble the single most stable currency in the entire world.  Moreover, they just fucked the US Dollar and the EURO so badly, neither currency is likely to survive. Nobody around the world will favour a US dollar, backed by nothing, from a nation $30 TRILLION in debt, versus a gold-backed Rouble.