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Cashless Trap has sprung leaving millions snared

According to experts, the uniquely low use of cash money in Sweden leaves the country more vulnerable to emergencies and hack attacks, prompting the authorities to explore alternative options such as digital currency. The share of cash in Sweden’s money supply has reached a historic low at SEK 62 billion ($7.2 billion), the lowest level measured, at merely 1.33 percent of current transactions.

Making the Aussie Banksters Pay: A Victory to The Little People

Ever since the Commonwealth Bank of Australia was privatised in the 1990s, Australians have lived increasingly under a bankers’ dictatorship. The Banking Royal Commission in 2019 revealed shocking abuses by the banking industry. This included charging customers for as much as a billion dollars for services that were never delivered. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

What the Democrats are doing by dividing this nation over race is not just about winning elections its worse.

By now many of us have read or heard Xi Van Fleet give her comments, about the Chinese cultural revolution & critical race theory, in front of the Loudon County School Board. This video (embedded in article) takes it to the next level. Xi, very clearly and coherently, lays out the stunning similarities of what occurred in China and what is occurring in our country and schools. What the Democrats are doing by dividing this nation over race is not just about winning elections its worse. Obama said he was going to fundamentally change this country. It’s happening folks. This will not pass if Americans stay silent.

The European Union much less popular than Red Ruled Europe

In its latest EU-wide survey of citizens’ views, the EU’s spring ‘Euro barometer’ will not make for comfortable reading in Brussels. Despite the Eurorats’ usual attempts to extract some positives from the answers to its 29 questions with many possible answers for each, the simple fact is that only 23% of the 27 nation EU citizens said they’re in favour of the EU as it is today.


When businesses fail it is easy to blame the recession or Covid-19.  In all but a few cases that argument doesn’t stack up.  Failure is more often due to complacency and miserable management.  Obliged by business appointments to occasionally visit a splendidly situated restaurant I disliked doing so as the service was excruciatingly bad. Is the owner under the illusion that a little Spanish sunshine is enough to compensate for bone idle offhand staff? Rival restaurants lacking such beautiful surroundings thrive. It is service, not the location that puts bums on seats.