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Germany is racing towards its collapse at breath-taking speed and with it Europe

Germany is bursting at the seams, writes Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten. Inflation, the energy crisis, disruptions in supply chains, the Germans have been hit hard – not for the first time in the last century. And all because of the authorities in Berlin. Their failed sanctions and energy policy has put the country on the brink of collapse, and with it, the whole of Europe, says the author of the article Mark Friedrich.

Corrupt UK Ruling Class set to destroy surplus to requirement PPE equipment costing the taxpayers €4 billion

BRITAIN set to destroy unwanted PPE equipment losing €4 billion according to a report issued by the Public Accounts Committee issued on June 10. However, critics note that the ruling elite that invested in these unnecessary products profited enormously from their investment in the manufacture and distribution of the PPE equipment. The profits will not be returned to the taxpayer.