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ACH (2104) Mike Walsh – Selective Censorship

MIKE WALSH RADIO SHOW With a relaxed coffee table approach to today’s show, veteran activist Mike Walsh is joined by host Andrew Carrington Hitchcock in a conversational ramble through the past, the present and the future. One of the questions asks if ethnic-European apathy and lethargy are the main contributors to the Fall of the White Race, the contamination of White blood? An interesting thought-provoking radio session that will leave you deep in thought. 

Woke Ladybird Children’s Book thought about the political correctness of the heroes of fairy tales

In classic fairy tales, there is not enough diversity in characters: the main characters are blue-eyed and fair-haired, the villains are old, love happens at first sight, and the princess, when she sees the prince, immediately takes him for a man and refers to him with a masculine pronoun. According to the Daily Mail, this worries experts at Ladybird Books, who have decided to rewrite fairy tales in the spirit of modern trends.

Birds have Wings Humans have Books

I enjoyed reaching a milestone birthday; many don’t make it this far. My family was gathered around me, which was good as I would otherwise have had much to reflect upon. My classmates lived a life that later generations can only read about. Our generation was born to parents born before the House of Windsor (1917).