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Michael Walsh’s poem, The Garden Bower, evoked a story from a North American reader who writes: I have had these conversations since the last ten years with my husband Bert, who died so tragically. His soul left his body in 2009 when he signalled me by illuminating my office with the most radiant warm glow. When I looked outside there was a beautiful red cardinal bird sitting on the giant spruce tree in my back garden.


I suppose it is only natural that those in the public eye consider their biographies to be of interest to us lesser mortals. No doubt many have led colourful and exciting lives, especially those whose careers were in travel or entertainment.

Why Happy People are Happy

First of all, you can’t drive a happy person crazy. They work on personal freedom and know how to not be ashamed of themselves. They are told: ‘your ass is fat, you can’t walk on the streets with such an ass, and pants are not fashionable and such lips are not worn this season.’

So, you thought classical musicians were pussies

How often we relax to the quintessential melodies of Spain’s Isaac Albéniz (1860 – 1909). His Rapsodia Espanola, Sevilla and Granada, based on Catalan folk songs, are perhaps the better-known of his compositions. These exquisite heartrending melodies evoke the Spanish dream more than could any Goya painting but what of the man behind the music?


A popular truism is that you are known by the company you keep’.  I pondered this when walking with my companion we attracted pitying glances. Whilst I was reasonably attired my companion looked like a down and out. Wearing ill-fitting jeans and a jumper that had seen better days my friend was also in desperate need of a shave and haircut.

Whispering Hope

Whispering Hope is one of Western civilisation’s most engaging and enduring ballads. I was told by my Liverpool-Irish mother that at the onset of World War II, the suicide rate went through the roof, such was the anti-war sentiment.