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Freedom Convoy movement spreads across the globe

Canada-inspired Freedom Convoy movement is gaining momentum, with trucker demonstrations kicking off in multiple countries. Canada-style Freedom Convoy protests against Covid-19 limitations and mandatory vaccination spilt into additional countries over the weekend as the movement gained traction globally.

Covid Cult panics as the people’s revolt appears unstoppable

Racing to the rescue of on the ropes Canadian premier Justin Trudeau, Facebook has booted the rapidly growing ‘Convoy to DC 2022’ group from its platform after it quickly gained 137,000 members. The group had been gaining tens of thousands of members per day and was calling on all truckers in the US to form a convoy to protest COVID-19 mandates. Organisers were planning to begin the convoy in California and end in Washington DC.

Anti-lockdown protesters smash EU diplomatic service HQ (VIDEOS)

Fierce clashes between anti-repression protesters and police in Brussels saw damage dealt to the European External Action Service building. Chaotic scenes unfolded on the streets of the Belgian capital, Brussels, on Sunday, as tens of thousands of protesters joined a mass march against Covid-19 health passes and other restrictions introduced by European governments in the name of combating the pandemic.