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Five Predictions that make your hair stand up or you wake up

The image of the hero that the US media creates for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will collapse very soon, Daily Wire host Candice Owens predicted. According to the publicist, the same thing will happen to the Ukrainian leader that has already happened to George Floyd, who was killed by the police: people will remember that he is far from being as pure as they are trying to portray in America.

For once a legal decision that isn’t Queer

Paivi Maria Rasanen was accused of inciting homophobia due to quoting the Bible and stating that marriage was a union between man and woman. A Helsinki court has dismissed all charges against former Finnish minister Paivi Rasanen and Lutheran bishop Juhan Pohjoli in a trial portrayed as a major litmus test for freedom of speech that garnered international attention.

Ultra-Nationalists form Suicide Squads and prepare to take civilian hostages with them

The armed forces of the Russian Federation broke through the enemy defences in a number of areas in Ukraine and continued to clean up settlements from nationalist formations. This was stated in the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. According to the agency, the Ukrainian national battalions are suffering serious losses. Due to the disruption of transport communications, their ability to replenish is blocked, the ministry noted.

Putin signs a law to increase the punishment for paedophilia. Life imprisonment for paedophiles

MARCH 6: Vladimir Putin signed a law toughening penalties for crimes against the sexual integrity of minors. In particular, the document expands the list of persons to whom the provision on aggravating circumstances will be applied if they commit a crime. Along with this, criminal liability is introduced for forcing children to engage in sexual activities using the Internet or the media, as well as for harbouring serious crimes against minors.