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EU Accelerates the emptying of the world’s largest continent into the world’s smallest overcrowded continent

After a session of the EU Foreign Council in Brussels, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjártó remarked while speaking to journalists that the European Union should not make agreements with Africa about how to transfer their citizens to Europe, but about how they can stay in Africa. The minister stated that according to the Hungarian position, Europe should help African countries to create the right conditions for their people to stay in their homelands.

The new German Regime’s first priority is to declare war on its critics

Germany, an American colony since 1945 has a managed democracy government in Berlin. Like most nations deprived of people’s sovereignty and a legitimate constitution, Germany faces scores of massive problems. The nation’s challenges are primarily economic, constitutional, unpopularity, Covid-related chaos, and of course the calamitous consequences of decades of open door to Third World migrants.