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Monument Tribute to Victims of the Soviet Gulag Vandalized

In the Perm Territory of post-Soviet Russia, unknown saboteurs demolished a memorial in memory of Lithuanians and Poles exiled here for slavery during the period of Soviet political repressions. The monument was erected seven years ago at the cemetery of the abandoned special settlement of Galyashor and did not have official status. The burial ground was looked after by residents of the neighbouring village, descendants of the repressed and human rights activists. 

Russia demands Kiev release the Ukrainian bishop

Metropolitan (bishop) Pavel was arrested after accusing President Zelensky of religious persecution: Russia has demanded the release of Metropolitan Pavel, a senior bishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC), stating that it is concerned about his well-being. Pavel was taken into custody last week as Kiev sought to oust UOC monks from the historic monastery which he heads.

Singing in Church is Huge Part of Russian Christianity, Profile of one of Russia’s Greatest Choirs (VIDEO)

The Moscow Synodal Choir was founded in 1721 and is now the oldest professional choir in Russia. In fact, its origins can be traced further back to 1589, when the first professional church choir was formed, then known as the Patriarchal for it was the choir, which used to sing at the church services officiated by the Patriarch. Patriarch was the top position in the Church hierarchy in Russia well up to 1700, when the Russian reformist Tzar Peter the Great reformed the church administrative system.

130,000 Christians Martyred During the Red Terror but Mainstream Media is Silent

October 30 is a day when Russians recall those who fell victim to political repressions in the Bolshevik period of the USSR. The repressions, triggered off by the 1917 October Wall Street-sponsored regime change, were directed against the nobility, the well-to-do peasants, and other social groups. But what the Bolsheviks actually unleashed against the Russian Orthodox Church, amounted to a full-scale war of annihilation. From its very first days, the Soviet state sought to completely destroy the Orthodox Church and did it with unbelievable cruelty.  

The Emerging Truth will set the World Free

Russian President Vladimir Putin is applauded as the redeemer of Russia. However, genuine historians are dismayed by Putin’s endorsement of the holocaust narrative which may be rooted in simple diplomacy as questioning the 6 million narratives is what Professor Faurisson described as ‘the poor man’s atom bomb.’